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    Just read my post above =\
    It has a screenshot, which explains an issue perfectly.
    Stop running game client (MBII itself) BEFORE running a server.
    Start the server, THEN launch game (if you even need to run MBII, actually).

    OR, change port in game's config, NOT server's config:
    Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\jampconfig.cfg
    Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\openjk.cfg
    My Documents\My Games\OpenJK\MBII\openjk.cfg

    Game is not a server, but game opens port anyway.
    By default, that port is 29070.
    Port that is already opened cannot be used by any other process, including MBII server.
    Either shut down a process which took over 29070 (Movie Battles client), or make Movie Battles use some other port.
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    Okay ive done something and its now all working fine, thanks for the help <3

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