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Hello ! Yes ! It's my annual return to MB2, and i brought some gifts , you know the drill ! And i also realized i forgot to post all the models i showed last year ! So yeah, here you go :

New ports of models from Mobile star wars game ! yes, i haven't ported everything yet ! I hope it'll interest people, maybe for replacement or something ... I will release a model pack (with just the model, no replacement) soon , where i'll include all the thing i haven't uploaded last year , like imperial super commandos, mudtroopers, rebel spec forces , an assortment of rebel troopers, gavian death gang and resistance troopers. And who knows, if people are interested, maybe i'll do more !
I want a replacement pack of this shit dude its amazing
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what ? force arena is dead too ? dang, it had so many good models !
as for PAO, why not , i'll see if i can do it ...I guess i'm really running out of model now !
Yeah Force Arena shut down I think late last year or early this year not too sure when but all I know is you cant play it anymore :(
But on a completely different idea. The app Galaxy of Heroes has a lot of models, they don't look the best but, I think it would be cool to see a replacement pack with just all of those models in MBII