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  1. jango40


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    I disagree entirely, and I think the conc nades are very good as they are. They're the grenade you want against Jedi or Sith, the ability to prime them makes them unpredictable and harder to push. I see alt frags get pushed all the time even in close ranges, and when you're slightly further away it becomes extremely easy. If you and the thrower are so close by that it becomes nearly impossible to react, you still have options - be acrobatic and use your force jump. Get close enough to him and you will both be knocked down if he decides to throw, ez win.

    As for gunners vs gunners, they all have access to grenades or other knockdown abilities like blob, so it makes no difference. Personally, I always to prefer to take dodge or other abilities when available over frag grenades, as they're hardly the instakill weapons of mass destruction you imply they are and you can only use them once or twice.
  2. {Δ} Achilles

    {Δ} Achilles Nerd

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    Requiring a direct hit isn't a skill, that is relying on luck. You'll never hit someone strafing with an alt frag directly on the basis of 'skill'. It is literally impossible with how MB2 works. You can't even hit someone strafing consistently with blaster, let alone a throwable.
  3. Stassin

    Stassin Movie Battles II Team Retired

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    Obviously, it'd only be meant to hit consistently at close range, and then yes it'd be consistent (as a projectile, a frag nade has a decent hitbox). You wouldn't really want to waste an ability with 1-2 ammo on a middle-long range hit with a less than 10% chance of hitting unless you're relying on other factors to make sure it hits (i.e. opponent not having noticed you and thus not actively trying to dodge), and it'd be OP if it had more chance of hitting at anything but super close range.
  4. Crusader


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    Sec-nade is fine.
  5. Tylenol

    Tylenol Internal Beta Team

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    With all due respect, posting opinions without reasoning in a situation where there is an actual disscuss doesn't assist anyone. It would be preferable if you gave a further explanation or reasoning to why you think so.
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  6. Torlo50

    Torlo50 Internal Beta Team

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    This would be interesting, and keep in touch with the main throw of the frag grenade anyways. I'll add it to the list. Though, would need some exsternsive testing to see how powerful it is.

    Since we're getting into theoretical here, I'm going with what is the most likely option, and that is that the enemy team will have a push ability on a sith/jedi whenever throwing a grenade, especially through a door. It is, statistically, almost guaranteed on medium pop servers. Any good player worth their light-saber will push it. Assuming they screw up is not going to be taken in for balance consideration.

    The reason I went back to this, is that rebel's may attack on the most popular maps, but by no means is there a small amount of maps where Imps attack. Since the maps you happen to play the most have rebels attacking, will not be taken into consideration for balance. It needs to be balanced no matter who is on what side. It simply doesn't matter who is on what side. Balance is about taking in the whole picture, and not just parts. (ie. all the maps, not just the ones you play) For instance, Hoth, Mustufar, Jakku, Jedi Temple, Republic Cruiser all have IMPs attacking an objective.
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  7. Hexodious

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    Still this.
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  8. PuNk

    PuNk Internal Beta Team

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    I don't mind the current alt frag, but stun/smoke grenades sounds interesting.

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