1. F

    Technical Issue Launcher update

    On a Mac. Having trouble using the auto update file (it crashes every time using Mono32). The launcherLIN works fine using the same command (mono32), but I need to update to 3.60 (whatever the latest is) to play. Links for 3.60 are broken. Any direct downloads for it that work? Please help...

    Launcher Updated the launcher, launcher crashes upon opening. Help.

    So the mb2 launcher had to be updated to version 3, i did, and now the launcher doesn't even open. it just crashes with the usual "MB2 Launcher has stopped working". Why does stuff like this happen whenever the game or launcher is updated? please help.
  3. Blazer

    Hey all, I made a funny moments video on MB2.

    Thanks for giving me your time, I just wanted to throw my video in here in case you were interested. If you guys could give me some constructive criticism it would be appreciated.
  4. Ironside

    Hosting Server Server Not Showing In-Game After New Update

    Hi Guys, I have a server that I run off my pc, however after the recent V1.4.9 Update, its not showing up on the server list, although I can still connect to the server through the IP in console. The server does show up on the online server list just not in-game, Before the recent update the...
  5. cgj26

    Taking a break

    Hello I'm Ca'traBuurenaar I found this mod 3 years ago when I was bored looking for stuff to do. Instantly loved it would play it everyday for 5 hours and joined many fun clans and met some amazing people. Unfortunately the game has lost it's touch, after 500 hours it's just kinda hard the play...
  6. Big_Riv

    [EXPIRED] Having trouble updating (not enough space on hard drive)

    Whenever i try to update to the latest version it says not enough space on hard drive, you need at least 3gb of space.. something like that.. I've tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the game itself. There seems to be no fix.. please help

    Technical Issue cant install update. says not enough space on hard drive

    I have so much space on my hard drive yet i can't install the update. how do i fix this?? i have JA on steam. this happened before but fixed itself. please help. it also says launcher needs 3gb yet there's more than enough space on my hard drive.
  8. JackandCak

    Launcher Friend is stuck on version 1.3.2, launcher doesn't update.

    So basically, I have downloaded the launcher version of MBII, and my friend has downloaded the archive version. He is stuck on version 1.3.2, while I'm on 1.4.2. Both of our launchers say hotfix 1.4.2 yet he has an outdated version of the game and his launcher does not notify him for an update...