1. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 4: New Soldier Loadouts?

    Before I begin, as the title implies, I do not think a lot of these ideas are feasible. I do, however, think they could be added in other ways. Anyway... Soldiers! You love them or you think they are boring. I get it, soldiers do not have that much when it comes to loadouts, but I have a few...
  2. Lessen

    Insanely Frivolous (but simple) Request

    Right now, the "Mandalorian Neo-Crusader" model is only available as a Commander class, and it has RGB support. Proposal: - Remove the RGB support. - (And fix the dismemberment bug lol. edit: fix is already in the works) And then make it so: - Blue Neo-Crusaders (Troopers) are Soldiers. - Red...
  3. Lessen

    Is Soldier Spam Underused?

    Soldiers are a class that is clearly designed as cannon fodder, as the rank-and-file, as the meat of the team. I mean, it's called "Soldier" for crying out loud. Like "average combatant." Every other class is some kind of specialist snowflake. Big public servers have a tendency to degrade into...