Semi Serious Suggestion 4: New Soldier Loadouts?

Before I begin, as the title implies, I do not think a lot of these ideas are feasible. I do, however, think they could be added in other ways. Anyway...

Soldiers! You love them or you think they are boring. I get it, soldiers do not have that much when it comes to loadouts, but I have a few ideas on what could be added to spice them up.

First of all, I want to say that the normal soldier build system is just fine. It still has some variation, and you can already totally change your playstyle in some ways. However, I think that the class has some untapped potential when it comes to abilities. The class has an extremely low health pool. I think that this can be leveraged to make more potentially balanced builds. The whole 3 life aspect can also be fiddles with here. I will present my ideas in order of plausibility.

Grenadier soldier: I think that current soldier 2 grenade builds are pretty good. 3 grenade builds are usually for memes though, and it is obvious why. I mean, 9 total grenades is kind of insane when you think about it. Alas, the soldier is too squishy to really make this build effective. The only thing I could suggest adding, is some sort of throwing buff. Maybe make Sec Nades and concusses prime faster. Adding a extra frag for going full grenade build would also be fun, yet probably too far.

Soldier Gadgets: We have so many gadgets lying around in the JA code. I am thinking that these could be relatively easy to add in, but no class fits them. What if we made it so you could sacrifice a life and become an engineer soldier? Maybe even all 3 for an extra bonus. See next sections for individual gadgets. Also, I think if you buy any of these items, you should get the Binoculars for free.

Autoturret: These turrets are not the best, but could be interesting if they were a part of a low-health class. Two levels: Level one gives you 1 turret per life, and level two lets you deploy one based on a timer system. (Only one turret deployed at a time) I do not know the exact stats on turrets, but I know they are fragile. It should not be much of a hassle to destroy them. They can be good for covering corners to watch you or your team's back, and also could be used for general objective defense. Level two could give you a seeker drone, but I think that is going a bit too far.

Portable Shield: Sacrifice 1 life for this. If we reduced the size of the shield (1 person tall, 2 people wide), and reduced the health by a third, this could be used for emergency cover. We could also make it have the same hp but make it short enough that you can stand and fire over it.

Weapon Dispenser: Sacrifice one or two lives for this. You deploy a box that can dispense a level 1 E-11 with one clip of ammo every 25 seconds. I know this may be weak, but for emergency situations, this could be useful. People might complain that this is OP for pistol classes, but there are very few P1 and 2 builds that could really take advantage of this. This may be more useful in a game mode like CTF where people are more likely to run out of ammo. AS for weapon morphing, as far as I know, the E-11 1 has no issues. Correct me if I am wrong here.

Stealth Generator: Sacrifice one or two lives for this. The JA stealth generators are not useful at all at close range, but at longer ranges they can really help. This would be useful for a fragile spy-like playstyle. Before you say it, disguises will never be a open or CTF mode thing, so no. This would probably be used by the imperials more than the rebels because of map design.

Gun Grappling Hook: Sacrifice one life for this. The class's low mobility getting you down? Worry no more! Imagine being able to actually get the highground as a soldier. Soldiers are fragile enough that this would not be much of an issue. Especially if they sacrifice a live for it. I do not want to port the grapple directly though. If I made it I would make it have a 18 second cooldown, make a loud noise, and fail if extended too far. I think around Jedi jump one max height would be more than enough.

So? I am sure no one read this because it is so long, but if you did, what do you think? If more than one of these was added, engineer soldier would be a thing. I do not know if this fits with the current design of the game, but I hope I inspire something with this post. Anyway, thoughts? Concerns? Am I stupid? Go ahead, tell me.

(Wrote this after having no sleep.)
Honestly soldiers get 2 life, enough abilities to be useful ! WHEN AS a clone you'r able to beat Siths with a good mastery of concusion or grenade as a Trooper, it show that class IS pretty worth.

Soldiers IS a good way to discover MB2 and IS quite balance (even if modification are Always welcome)
Soldier's underwhelming kit is already made up for by having the most respawns. Not to mention it's meant to be a beginner class, it's the class my friend gravitated to when I introduced him to the mod. Adding a bunch of utility options to Soldier undermines those two purposes of the Soldier class, accessibility and expendability. I do agree there are def SOME cool gadgets buried in the code that aren't being utilized properly in Open yet, but giving Soldiers cloak or shield generators seems a bit ridiculous to me tbh. Better to save some of those gadgets for a new class. Although personally I don't want to see any auto-turrets, there are plenty of games that have such a mechanic, and one of the reasons I play MBII Open is that it's refreshing to NOT have any turrets.