1. Droidy365

    ARC-68 "Joker" - Mod Release

    ARC-68 A custom Clone Trooper requested by my friend, Joker (AU). Features include: Custom textures Dirt Grease Grime Blood More Dirt Custom RGB Armour patterns Custom jetpack Two skins: ARC Trooper Imperial Commando (Mandalorian class) Custom model pieces Holsters (Different for each...
  2. Noob

    NoobGuided Pack 3.2 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10.1

    DOWNLOAD NOOBGUIDED PACK VERSION 3.2 Credits in download link! @The Unguided and I are very proud to announce that we are now working together and merging Noob Pack and H.B. Pack into one glorious addon pack for MB2! Everything you see here will be the next step forward for both packs...
  3. Shiny

    Ripping models or ones made from scratch and making them usable in mb2?

    Sooo, i've made a couple models, mostly for myself and a couple people i know at request, and those all involved taking skins that had all the files and were ready to go for JKA and such already, mostly i just changed the sound files of existing stuff to be more fun honestly. However ive been...
  4. H

    Skins for the vanilla game

    Is there a way to use MBII skins in the vanilla game multiplayer or do you know a "complete skin pack" for it?
  5. GenMacArthur

    Jedi Temple Guard Kit Fisto

    Simple Frankenstein, requested by misguidedbeast1. Uses Kit Fisto's sounds.
  6. DarthValeria

    Blender Verticle Problem for Jedi Academy

    If you guys can help me in this problem It'll be very appriciated My problem is i can export it without weight problems or something else Howewer, when i ever test model in ModView , it says that a part is more than 1000 verticles but i checked out every part of the model and all of them are...
  7. DarthValeria

    SWTOR Model Problem

    Hey guys ^_^ I have a few problem at my exported swtor models At saber stance or normal standing , it looks normal but It has problems at running , camera moving and weapon stancing 1- She runs faster than usual 2- It has problems at aiming 3- It has this problem, when i play a...
  8. DarthValeria

    Blender LOD error help (SWTOR model for Jedi Academy)

    Guys as i posted a topic about blender, about gla problem before I have solved those problems thanks to ooeJack's a lot os helps But now i have a new problem as i am so close to the end and i cannot find a solution about this Please help me and contact me in discord if possible You...
  9. khan

    Technical Issue Old kit fisto skin

    Hello I am khan from Tracor clan, I'm looking for Old Kit Fisto skin because i like it anyone know any idea how to get him now?
  10. Lessen

    [Mod] Fix for Grievous's Bright Teal Lungs

    before: after: The muddy green isn't a perfect solution but I just wanted the ridiculous bright teal things to go away. Now they basically "blend in." I didn't make them metallic gray because the texture looks organic rather than metallic, so I supposed it should stay an organic-ish color...
  11. D

    Dark Lord Desann skin!

    Looks more like a real Sith now! All skins are compatible with Penekepack Desann with Robe and other Skincolor (Face, Hands): MEGA Desann with Robe and normal Face: MEGA
  12. Sdeltroomt 7

    Model Arcann for JK3

    Is there any way to export the Arcann and Thexan Model from PenekePacks to the Jedi Academy Base? Is that they are very good models and I would like to use them in the Base game. :)
  13. ToShoBro

    Question on Texture Area for Rax Joris

    Where is the texture for him? He is not in the pk3 pack, but his icon is though. Also this is the same for Reelo.
  14. ShenLongKazama

    Exile on Tatooine Kylo Ren

    Just a little skin i made. Original model and textures by Lervish & Plasma.
  15. cgj26

    I can't figure out why the texture isn't fitting on the model and the sound isn't working

    So I just got my skins to work (For it to show up) but the sound isn't changing. the icon is the same, and the texture is broke can someone please help me? Dropbox - MB2 Skins