1. Jameson

    Summer '!spin' servers?

    So I wanted to discuss the thing about all favorite !spin servers. Last year there were a lot of EU, US !spin servers like in the beginning of summer. I don't really see them now. Was pretty fun to loose your saber and getting jetpack. Would be nice to do that again.
  2. k4far

    Strangely popular maps & player friendly servers

    American Continent has: 5 duel servers 13 open servers 2 full authentic servers OPEN MODE & FA Maps eagerly used on american servers: - 1st place ex aequo! mb2_deathstar & mb2_dotf (each being used by 3 servers, 22 percent of total amount of american servers). - 2nd spot mb2_commtower (used...
  3. k4far

    How to create variety between servers

    It occured to me that we are at point where the most liked things are the problem. We like a lot, and different things. We want to have everything, but if we have it all we just can not appreciate them all. Server Owners, Developers just anyone willing to listen to use your magic You have kept...
  4. RobinSkywalker

    Launcher Can't see servers and how to add updates ?

    Someone please help me out, so i downloaded MovieBattlesII it works but only in the menu, i can't join anything or whatever so ofcourse i did something wrong, do i need to add updates or something ? if so, where do i need to put them ? thanks for the time !
  5. vasya

    Technical Issue Can't see some of the servers

    I have two PCs and have strange problem on both. In short - i can't see servers on 1st that i can see on 2nd. And vice versa. Like on 1st i see {BG} Server [DOTF], but don't see {DN} Praetorium|EU And on second i can see {DN} Praetorium|EU, but can't see {BG} Server [DOTF]. Also i can't join...
  6. D

    Only 2 Servers With No Players.

    Hey everyone, it's my first post here so be gentle :). So I FINALLY got MBII working after 2 days and many hours of trying. Since I have a Mac, I used the guide by Parker: [SOLVED] - Getting the Mod on Mac. After finally following the instructions, I cannot connect to the full range of...