full authentic

  1. Lessen

    Dxun FA Bugs

    Bug #1: Mandalore is listed as having a CR3, but has a CR2. This possibly is a continuation of a bug that happened on the christmas event map with one of the Power Ranger characters, who was listed as having a cr3 but clearly had a cr2. A dev (possibly Tempest) told me in that case that the...
  2. Sir Crusher

    Deadly Sight causing crash

    If someone using deadly Sight is sniped, the server will crash instantly.
  3. Fletcher Time

    FTG Full Authentic Event

    Hello! I'd just like to welcome everyone from the MBII community to join us on our FA event this Saturday (7/29/17) You do not have to be a member of the group or be good at the game. This is for fun and we are hoping to possibly recruit new members (FTG Recruiting). All info including time...
  4. Sir Crusher

    Updated Power Battles

    What is Power Battles? Power Battles is a modification of some maps with the addition of very op classes for the full authentic mode. Power Battles is very intense and frenetic, and the fun is guaranteed! "Power Battles is a modification making significant changes to the classes. It is working...
  5. Sir Crusher

    Full Authentic Attribute not working as expected.

    The class flag CFL_MIRALUKA won't work unless the class has FP_SENSE,3.
  6. Viserys

    SERVER {BG} Server [FA] [RTV]

    So here is a Full Authentic RTV server! Server Name: {BG} Server [FA][RTV] MB2 Version: 1.4.2 Roundlimit: 15 - Force RTV at roundlimit Fraglimit: 0 RTV cool-down time: 1 minute RTV Maps: All mb2, cmp and um maps are available Map List, Admin List and Admin Rules can be found here: {BG} Server...
  7. Lt.Claim

    Questions for working on Full Authentic mod

    Hello, i've been working on making FAs for MB2 for a while now, porting models, weapons and finding ideas . I'm finally approaching something that's playable, however i have a few questions that I need answered, mostly technical stuff, to release something that's clean and that will work...
  8. Cat Lady

    Many FA maps have broken models/skins after last two updates

    As title says - I affects people no matter of client used (openJK or JAMP.EXE) or operating system, so I'm saving unnecessary details. Example: http://s24.postimg.org/uiy3fl8dv/bug.png ^This is how most clones on kamino look (the strange one is missing texture on clown model, the other one just...
  9. Cat Lady


    Hello kittens, As a result of having working MBII builds for (arm) Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card sized computer (builds soon to be released for everyone), on evening of 25 October 2015, I've started hosting two 24/7 MBII servers - with names as in title. One is for Full Authentic (described here)...