arc trooper

  1. Bully

    Future fix ARC trooper can't perform a dex 2 or dex 3 jump after firing a rocket.

    What went wrong ARC trooper can't perform a dex 2 or dex 3 jump after firing a rocket. What should have happened ARC Trooper should be able to jump it's full height with dex 2 or dex 3 selected when the rocket launcher has an empty clip. How to reproduce In open mode select ARC Trooper Select...
  2. Varod

    The Book of Varod Chapter 4

    Hello guys and welcome to the new year 2022 ! Thank you for your kind feedback to my videos, really motivates me to do more. Anyways here is the next video hope you enjoy !
  3. Varod

    The Book of Varod Chapter #2 (Reupload)

    Had to reupload it due to a copyright strike here is the new link :
  4. Varod

    The Book of Varod Chapter #2

    Merry Christmas folks ! New Video for you guys :
  5. Lessen

    Dual Pistols improvement: full gun control

    Really straightforward idea: The "just use one gun" firing mode of dual pistols is almost completely redundant. You're not firing more accurately, you're just firing more slowly by not using one of your guns. (Edit: Alright, I realized why this isn't true, but my idea still replaces/improves on...
  6. CC-U11R

    Advanced Recon Commando

    After several years ARC'ing and as known Bouncer. I would like to share 2 wishes. 1. What do you say if the 3rd stage of stamina increases the running speed. Equivalent to the running speed of an Hero or Bounty Hunter? Alternatively, bring this effect to the 3rd Stage for the dexterity-Perk...
  7. Damn Polak

    arc trooper roll bug

    I don't know what triggers this, but sometimes when i press the roll key (class special for arc) it doesn't roll at all. What's more, the cooldown triggers so i can't try rolling again until it drops. build used is P3, Dex3, Sta3, Armor3, Ammo3 Recorded one of these things in the demo, it starts...
  8. Flokker

    Suggestion for the Arc's rifle, the M5

    So I've been trying to explore the ARC's M5 rifle a bit over the course of this week. And I've come to find out that its actually quite good, I do believe that there are some problems that need to be adressed: 1) The clip you have is way too small for what the gun actually provides in damage...