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    Buff Rockets

    Being niche is fine, firing a rocket and it hit the tippy toe of a sith or high armoured class and watching them get up still being alive is not. If you don't want to buff rockets, then you should consider buffing both splash damage, and nerfing damage reduction I'd also like to add that while...
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    Buff Rockets

    That is all. In all seriousness, as a budding Rocketeer, my biggest gripe currently is firing a rocket at anything that isn't an SBD, Wookiee or Deka, and watching them get back up, relatively fine, usually either taking a quarter or half damage, despite how close the rocket touches their tippy...
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    15 Years of Movie Battles

    Love it!
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    Adjustments to General Gameplay

    As someone who played extensively through 1.3, I can tell you that sidewhacks were a thing and still are. They only became more apparent to those with lower pings due to the change in radius. 1) It's not a gimmick, it's a legitimate strategy to use your frag grenade in alt form to knockdown...
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    Adjustments to General Gameplay

    Actually, 1.3 had just as many sidewhacks as the other builds. Theres no need to remove alt fire nade. It is an effective tool to A) knockpeople over, and b) can give a gunner a chance to avoid a messy jihad rocket. It only does 20 dmg, it's not a big deal. Timing with a primary nade can be...
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    Adjustments to General Gameplay

    Allrighty! Loving most of these changes, however there are some things I'd like to address Assist TKs can be punished (Ok, so this is mostly personal, but I know for sure that this will get abused. There will always be those salty that they die to a teammate, assist or no, even if it means...
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    The Evolution of Duel of the Fates

    I love the new design. It looks truly amazing and I can't wait to play it. However, as defensive catwalk king I will miss it's sleek straightforward defensive capability. Shame that people ruined its potential with camping. I love the idea of any raised or elevated defence areas in hanger...
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    Alt's Jedi/Sith Open Mode Compendium

    I've found damage reduction to be vastly more important than any block radius. So many times a sith/jedi has survived my assault simply because of the reduction leaving them with 20 or lower health. That shit needs to be turned off. No one other than an SBD or a Wookiee should be able to tank...
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    Lt.Claim's workshop

    Cant wait!
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    Lt.Claim's workshop

    I've been waiting for this... YASSSSS
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    teehee yes

    teehee yes
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    Goodbye! (Subaru is retiring)

    I'm going to miss your inputs in the game :( Take care of yourself alright?
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    Hey Cat, Insane Wants you to know we'll attempt a shuffle command next time we're full. He's...

    Hey Cat, Insane Wants you to know we'll attempt a shuffle command next time we're full. He's sending the Crash logs to Subaru
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    Lt.Claim's workshop

    Praise be to claim! That darktrooper is tight as!
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    Push 3 Balance