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    Technical Issue Awaiting gamestate...

    I already fixed the problem. Basically, what I did was: I restarted the router and changed from Wifi to Ethernet. And now I can play in every server, that worked for me.
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    Technical Issue Awaiting gamestate...

    Well my problem is that I can enter and play in some servers, and in other servers I can't. Yesterday I was playing without any kind of problem in the server that I usually play (Initium Novum duel) but today when I was trying to join the server, this message appeared. Basically, when this...
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    EU OPEN Remalus's Application

    good leader good person... Without a doubt he would be a great incorporation into the admin team. I vouch for him
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    [VIDEO] Destroying Rebs

    I still remember when i made u rq. Wait that was 2 days ago...;) No hard feelings <3
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    [VIDEO] Destroying Rebs

    Aaron for the next video do a tutorial of how to suck...LOL
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    EU DUEL Admin Application

    Why i am not in references? :C BTW i vouch for E too!
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    Technical Issue Help! ApplicationError

    You can delete your older version it is useless. I hope i helped u.
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    Technical Issue Help! ApplicationError

    Ok just go this page: Movie Battles II Community And in forums if u look down you can see Download Movie Battles 2 Launcher Download it and when u open select where is your jedi academy folder and install it Edit:About your error you can see in youtube videos about how to fix it like this: If...
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    EU DUEL OFFICIAL Admin Request.

    In-Game nickname: Miister_Side Some Alias: Pope, Lamer Dealer etc... Steam ID: Miister_Side MBII Experience: 1 year of experience i started summer of the past year playing it since july 2015 ,played and lots of differents clans etc. Age: 16 recently years old Description: Im a teenager, im...
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    New Fonts HD for MB2

    Yeah i think is from grab cause i remember i downloaded a font of jkhub and i liked it and i shared it here so the credits go for him
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    New Fonts HD for MB2

    Ofc. I will upload screenshots in a bit. Edit: Sorry for the language my game is in Spanish
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    New Fonts HD for MB2

    This (mod) makes the text or the letters look better than original game. Download:MEGA Installation: Just put the zzz_newfont.pk3 in your jedi academy gamedata MB2 folder in my case : Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Jedi Academy > GameData > MBII < and paste it inside this...
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    Duel Modpack v1.5! - Saber sounds, hilts, UI and more!

    Thanks for the anakin ep3 Perion Good Work!:)
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    Better Caps For Movie Battles 2

    Im gonna share this mod cause i have a bad caps and the dismemberments are crap so i let you a link for download it. Download: MEGA The mod i picked up from jkhub in the cosmetic mods. Link of the website includes images of the mod: