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    Any plans for an RP server using Mod mechanics?

    If you had a dedicated forum and enough people, you could essentially play out the politics, character arcs, etc. through forum posts, while using MBII to decide the outcomes of battles/conflicts. Just an idea. Would probably not last super long without massive dedication.
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    AOD Busted, The AOD Doxxer Clan Member Revealed !

    This reads like a tweakers diary. Wtf are you on about,
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    FTG Reunion 2021

    Hello all! Had a lot of fun today on US Official Open. Got the old FTG guys together to play for some time. Starting on mb2_boc for nostalgic purposes as that was always my favorite map. Missing the old days as usual. We set up this little get together to be yearly so we can remember MBII since...
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    Yo Dudes

    I don't get it...
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    Hello_ Abusing report for server "GG" ; Players : Evans, george floyd

    @QuiGioJonn The IP provided is not for an official server. If you are having issues with moderation, you will need to contact the server admins a different way as this forum is for official servers only. As this is not an official server, I am locking this thread.
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    MB2's Map statement !

    This had me dying for some reason. If I recall correctly, more maps are being remastered. Don't quote me on that though. It would be nice to freshen things up, but a lot of the maps people commonly play on are already very well done. Sometimes a remaster isn't always best though. New DOTF...
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    What are your main Jedi/Sith class builds for Open?

    What happens if you get shot. If there is no deflect wont you just eat the damage?
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    What are your main Jedi/Sith class builds for Open?

    I'm curious to see what everyone runs. Maybe I could even improve my build. Post a screenshot. Do you change it up for different situations or maps? What are it's weaknesses? Below is my general class that seems to work for me in almost all situations. I never find the need to really ever...
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    Dueling meta sucks right now

    Very much agree with this. To see some variety would be amazing! Right now it feels like you're putting yourself at a disadvantage by not using yellow.
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    Trying again, been a while

    Welcome back. I've been playing a lot recently, just with a casual attitude and it's been pretty fun.
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    How is everyone doing? Haven't talked to anyone in a while.

    Me too! I've been playing recently and enjoying it.
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    Is there a guide or tutorial about ARC Troopers?

    The in-game library has a lot of helpful information. I would recommend looking through that as well as taking the advise of community members.
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    How is everyone doing? Haven't talked to anyone in a while.

    I don't know who that is, but that's his business.