You ask to remove dodge,but what about disruptor,some deka and SBD nerfs?

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4-6 AM me is back for another shitty ted talk.

Imo disruptor rifle FROM A SNIPERS PERSPECTIVE while literally atomizing on hit is balanced out by its lack of freedom in comparison to the projectile rifle which seems to allow much easier repositioning and can still deal devastating damage. Projectile rifle weakness seems to lie in the reload time but I’ve seen some guy’s pick off multiple targets with ease and be able to readjust position whenever they want without worry of charge like disruptor and it can be kinda disgusting honestly along with what others here have said about proj like probably more build options due to lower cost.

TLDR: In my biased non sniper using opinion proj >> disr by far even with disruptor being quite good and I feel if anything projectile rifle is the kinda nasty one of the cousins.

Note: Disruptor seems to work super well in situations where the sniper is out of the sound range of their targets or rooted aiming at a chokepoint, and from a versatility perspective it can be used as a rifle aswell aside from its “natural” sniper function though I haven’t seen many utilize this and I think I’m gonna give both guns an extensive run to truly get a feel of how they roll.

Prove me so wrong regardless that you atomize me like a disruptor victim.
Ok,look,i have some good comparisons: lightsaber=sword,EE3/westar M5=bow,projectile rifle=crossbow,disruptor=some OP hitscan shit from the future and only one team has got it.
If it isn't enough,well,i've already gave some arguments about disruptor in this post before.


Internal Beta Team
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''Help i die against this particular class/weapon, can you please nerf it so i don't die?''


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how far have i fallen to not be known as an open player anymore. rip