**UPDATED** Voice_Cmd replacer w/movie lines 163 files

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zzzz_zzzzz_Voicechat.pk3 - FileShare.Link
zZz_zZz_BensVoicepackv2.pk3 - FileShare.Link
ZZZ_zzzz_BensVoicepackv1.pk3 - FileShare.Link
zzzz_zzzzzjekporkinsvchat.pk3 - FileShare.Link
zzzzz_zzzzz_ackbarvoicechatzor.pk3 - FileShare.Link

Some of the audio is already working. Haven't had the time to properly finish everything.

Few of the characters seem to have changed their folder structures completely so it's a lot of work. Any help in making this pack whole would be great :D
can I use all of these in unison? also, is the porkins and ackbar pk3s restricted to the in-game models? like, if I use the porkins hero model only HE will be able to say them?