1. Bully

    Female voice audio v1

    DOWNLOAD V1 (Latest) Or download older versions here Description This mod adds audio to female voice commands Usage Place the PK3 into "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII" Credits Sounds by: Raven Software Mod by: |+| Bully Changelog
  2. Lessen

    General Voice Update Thread

    This thread is a place to store specific timestamps (or maybe even audio files) for specific lines that could be used for mods/updates to improve the quality of taunts/gloats for various characters. This started because I supposed that Jyn and Cassian could both have better taunts/gloats, and...
  3. Lessen

    Fix Kit Fisto's voice :(

    right now, Kit Fisto has a super small pool of taunts which are all extremely annoying. This makes him fun as a troll character buuuuuuuuut mostly just legitimately obnoxious. In the Clone Wars TV show, he has a really cool voice! Couldn't somebody switch MBII Fisto to that voice, pleaaase...
  4. a douchebag

    **UPDATED** Voice_Cmd replacer w/movie lines 163 files

    UPDATED! SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 Updated with all the new voice_cmds, 163 new voice command audio lines, it should literally work with every single voice command line in the game, unless I missed something. DOWNLOAD LINK--PUT IN YOUR GAMEDATA/MBII FOLDER Installation is simple, just drop the .pk3...