TheRanger1245's Mb2 tutorial series

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A while ago, when I was still pretty new to the game, I searched YouTube for mb2 tutorials. I could not really find anything like I had found for other games that I like. Now that I understand the game, I am making the tutorials myself. Many tutorials for this game do exist online, but few are scripted like mine. My goal is to provide newbies that have no clue on how the game works clear concise guides on each individual class. Every video introduce game mechanics that build on what was learned in the previous videos. Each guide's footage is edited to demonstrate the points that I am making.

I doubt anyone that has a forum account would need these videos, but maybe you can recommend these to clueless padawans?

By the way, the mic quality is garbage for the first two videos, but I have a better microphone after the second video.


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