1. TheRanger1245

    TheRanger1245's Mb2 tutorial series

    A while ago, when I was still pretty new to the game, I searched YouTube for mb2 tutorials. I could not really find anything like I had found for other games that I like. Now that I understand the game, I am making the tutorials myself. Many tutorials for this game do exist online, but few are...
  2. Fletcher Time

    FTG Recruiting

    Hello! I'd like to announce that our clan is recruiting new members. We are semi-competitive/social clan for Movie Battles. FTG or Fletcher Time Gaming, is about three main things: Sportsmanship, Competition, and Fun. Unlike a lot of other clans, we aim to help other players and conceive new...
  3. Vanin

    SERVER MAF Hangout is back up!

    As of today MAF Hangout is back online, but It is under a different name: Mandalorian Encampment In Celebration of the Worst Clan in Movie Battles 2 going back up I am going to post 3 Videos of how Mandos truly act! And my favorite If you want to deal with this kinda pretty much daily; as...
  4. Reiji Azuma


    Ahm.. How to begin. Let's see. I believe that obviously there is a hard time for the team and the mb2 community and therefore we should all do something in order to prolong it. I believe that everyone agrees on that. I don't want to push another tasks for MB2 team which is as I guess pretty...