The Sniper Dilemma

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How would you solve the Sniper dilemma?

  1. WESTAR-M5 SCOPED: Option One, Removal

  2. WESTAR-M5 SCOPED: Option Two, Burst Fire Replacement

  3. WESTAR-M5 SCOPED: Option Three, Zoom Only

  4. EE-3 ALT Fire-mode: Option One, Removal

  5. EE-3 ALT Fire-mode: Option Two, Bouncing Shots Replacement

  6. EE-3 ALT Fire-mode: Option Three, Supercooled Replacement

  7. Projectile Rifle: Option One, Removal

  8. Projectile Rifle: Option Two, Damage, Damage Multiplier and Point Cost adjustments

  9. Disruptor: Option One, Removal

  10. Disruptor: Option Two, Beam Weapon Replacement

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  1. JamJarBinks


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    Every time I rq this game it's because a sniper killed me.

    Just got sniped with 100 fp and 98bp after a Sith swung at me - I never let go of block, didn't move my mouse, just blocked while standing still. The stagger from blocking let the sniper snipe me?

    Ridiculous. /rq
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  2. Rev


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    inb4 gitgud
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