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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Nagy Ati, May 22, 2019.

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    Is there any point for a newbie to start playing this game right now? From what i have seen the player base is really small and 90% of them are vets. The skill gap is ridiculously big no chance to enjoy the game if u are new. Sometimes i run into an another noskill/similarskill guy and i can duel him IF someone doesnt come and start kickin slashing pushing us. Begginers should start with open mode, instead of duel? Its really hard to improve against 100 times better and experienced players. I really like this game for now but it seems like i found it late.
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    I've been playing MBII since late 2006 and throughout the years I've seen new players join the game and get good in a few months. I remember when Sekundus was a noob and a few months later he became one of the best duelists this mod has ever seen and a good old rival. I've seen it time and time again and it's happened in the previous patch (previous year) several times. Someone discovers the game, is a noob, gits good through effort in a few months max and reaches a nice level.

    Find a clan and make some friends and play with them, have fun and you can maybe even find a person willing to give you tips and train you. Not all ppl playing this game are good because they played it 10 years. It has changed a lot many times and the good players adapt and learn and work on their skills anew. Some players are perpetually average even though they have played MBII longer than me. So basically just make friends have fun and put in whatever effort you feel like. It's not some mysterious impenetrable game, getting the basics down and rising to mid-level is very easy because honestly, mid-level is not very good.
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    What @SeV said. Moviebattles II is still my favourite unofficial Star Wars Multiplayer game to date because of its surprising depth to all aspects of gameplay, it has a steep learning curve but it's definitely not insurmountable. Learning the basics is easy, applying them to combat takes some time. I recommend doing what was suggested above and look into joining a clan to get practicing as most higher level duellists tend to reside there.

    It'll take time and some dedication, but it's certainly doable. And you can definitely compete at low-mid tier duelling pretty easily within about a week of play. As far as best place to learn - I say open, but if you want to learn saber vs saber then duel is the place to start.
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