New AOD Scrims open to all.

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Starting next Saturday, AOD will be hosting open scrims. "Join the AOD Public Scrims Discord Server!" is the discord link if you are interested.

1. AOD has decided to host organized scrims that will take the more serious aspect of MB2. This was because many players want to play in a more serious setting but only has the option to play on regular servers where it can be a mixed bag. Rules will be mostly common sense but will be specified in the discord and I personally recommend reading through them. Scrim rules mostly follow Serious Sunday rules and are also specified in the discord.

2. The scrims will not be skill required to join and if you are new to the game and/or are new to serious type scrims please let a admin know and they can answer any of your questions. You can find when the next scrim will be on the discord also.
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If I joined, I'd get banned in less than 30 seconds because the first thing I do after entering a discord is trashtalk :)