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Discussion in 'Modding Support' started by TheLambSauce, Sep 13, 2018.

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    So I'm new to modeling in this game and I'm working on a new Kylo Ren (Ben Swolo) model in Blender. The mesh is finished, I UV unwrapped pretty much every part of it and rigged it to a _humanoid skeleton, but whenever I try to export the glm file I keep getting these errors: "could not find model_root_0" or "Could not open gla file for bone index lookup" if I set the base path. What does this mean?
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    It means you need to create the folders you'd see on a pk3 file. You need to create the folders models/player in you base folder. After that, you copy the folder _humanoid from assets1.pk3 to models/player. That folder contains the bone index blender is looking for.
    To correctly export it from blender, the models need to be structured in a certain way. To see how the ravensoft modelers did it, you need to create another blend file and import a model from jka, like Kyle, for example. After that, you'll see the model follows a certain hierarchy on the outliner.
    To replicate it on your model, follow this guide: Guide to getting a model in to JediKnight 2 if you have any questions, just send them in this thread, I'll keep reading it.
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