Moviebattles II Version 1.10 Released


  • General
    • Change: DLT
      • Clip size now matches A280.
    • Change: Projectile Rifle
      • Damage: 105 → 150
    • Change: Westar M5
      • Sniper mode no longer has an additional 1.15x base damage multiplier over other sniper weapons on headshots.
    • Change: Wookiee
      • Increased health from 100/200/300/400 to 125/250/350/450 to give Wookiee a small HP buff to account for armor fixes.
    • Change: Various weapon sounds updated (EE3, T21, Clone Rifle/Pistols, SBD blaster)
    • Fix: Can no longer float infinitely under someone with Jump 3 if someone lands on your head before hitting minimum height for FP to start draining.
    • Fix: Armor now once again properly reduces non-saber damage by 50%. This has apparently been broken for a long time now.
      • Regular rockets will always ignore humanoid armor and split damage 50/50 vs Droideka with shields up.
      • SBD Blast Armor:
        • Base line damage reduction vs heavy weapons remains at 0.6x
          • Vs standard rocket splash, 0.7x
          • vs pulse rocket splash, 0.8x
      • Droideka:
        • Projectile Rifle once again deals 50% damage through Droideka shields
        • Pulse rocket damage does 100% damage to hull and shields.
  • Anti-Team kill system
    • Outlier instances where kill ownership was not attributed to teammates when using Grip should now be addressed.
    • Killing a teammate gives an immediate minor amount of TK points.
    • Having a negative score doubles TK points received.
    • Start of round adjustments:
      • Damage dealt to teammates at start of round is now negated.
      • Dealing friendly fire after having already dealt friendly fire at start of round increases TK points received.
      • Having a negative score negates damage and increases TK points received.
  • Sabering
    • Fix: Saber melee moves no longer allow for being able to PB on occasion.
    • Fix: Saber melee moves canceled by projectiles that trigger block animations will no longer allow for counter swinging in these circumstances.
    • Fix: Starting saber melee moves during a swing should no longer inconsistently cause collision interactions such as parries.
    • Fix: Doing saber melee moves mid swing resets swing count instead of locking you at whatever swing count you were at.
    • Fix: Being interrupted will no longer allow you to do a counter swing.
    • Change: Lowered BP damage when hit while knocked down by 20% to make it less of a largely deciding factor among current playstyles.
    • Change: Saber collision should now be smoother.
    • Change: A class wielding a saber that also has Saber Defense can now also defend vs mechanics such as slaps, Wookiee barge, etc instead of it being limited to Jedi/Sith wielding a saber.
    • Styles:
      • Blue
        • Defense rating lowered from 70 to 65.
      • Cyan:
        • Defense rating lowered from 60 to 56.
        • Swing count reduced from 6 to 5.
      • Staff:
        • Defense rating lowered from 65 to 60.
      • Duals:
        • Offense rating lowered from 11 to 10.
  • Mandalorian
    • Change: EE-3 Revamped
      • The EE-3 has been revamped to more closely match its canon functionality, and remove the sniper mode in favor of the new Amban Phase Pulse Blaster. Bloom mechanic has also been removed.
      • Primary is now a three shot burst, that has its firetime (time between bursts) and burst shot delay (time between burst shots) decreased as level increases.
      • Secondary is now an "Aim Down Sights" mode that alters primary to be fully automatic and forces walk state. Intended to be used for more ranged suppression than close combat.
      • Base Stats
        • Damage: 28
        • FP Drain: Close - 11, Far - 9, Blocking Close - 10, Blocking Far 7
        • Primary Ammo Drain: 8
        • Secondary Ammo Drain: 2
      • Level 1- 6 Points
        • Unlocks Primary fire only
          • Firetime: 1.10s
          • Burst Delay: 0.225s
          • Projectile Velocity: 6750
          • Only Walking/Standing/Hovering has perfect accuracy. Running 1.4, Jumping 1.6.
      • Level 2- 7 Points
        • Primary
          • Firetime: 0.95s
          • Burst Delay: 0.175s
        • Secondary ADS Unlocked
          • Projectile Velocity: 7000
          • Forces walking state when used.
          • Standing has perfect accuracy, Walking 1.04, while all other states are 1.05.
          • Firetime: 0.275s
      • Level 3- 9 Points
        • Primary
          • Firetime: 0.8s
          • Burst Delay: 0.125s
          • All accuracy states are perfectly accurate.
        • Secondary
          • Standing, Walking are now perfectly accurate, while Running & Jumping are 1.05.
      • The now old version of EE3 for code purposes has been put on a new weapon slot and renamed to WP_EE4. FA makers take note all FA weapons using past EE3 mechanics have now been changed to WP_EE4/MB_ATT_EE4.
    • New: Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster
      • Acts like a hybrid between the Disruptor Rifle and Projectile Rifle. Meaning it does not have an initial firing delay like the projectile rifle, but has a much faster Disruptor like charge up. No charge, and partial charges are allowed. Has lower damage than the projectile rifle, but more ammo and higher fire rate. You must use scope to fire the primary. Disintegrates on kill.
      • Secondary fire is a stun baton that does low damage, has knockback, and applies a mini-stun status effect.
        • Level 1- 16 Points
          • Base Damage: 60
          • Full Charge Damage: 110
          • Charge Time: 1s
          • Reload Time: 1.5s
          • Projectile Speed: 9500
          • Ammo Count: 12/24/36
          • Mag Size: 1
          • FP Drains: Close - 40, Far - 30, Blocking Close - 30, Blocking Far -24
        • Level 2- 2 points
          • Unlocks Stun Baton
          • Damage: 15
          • Stun Time: 2 seconds
          • Cooldown: 4 seconds
          • Movement Speed: 40%
          • Knockback: 80 Units
          • Does not use ammo.
        • Level 3- FA ONLY
          • Stun Damage: 40
          • Cooldown: 1 Second
          • Movement Speed: 60%
    • New: Beskar Armor
      • Acts like a combination of armor types, mitigating damage from projectiles, explosives, and even lightsabers.
      • Levels buy armor on specific hit locations specified.
      • Impact visuals similar to magnetic plating.
      • Level 1 - 10 Points
        • Hit Location Protection: Torso
        • Blaster / Projectile Resistance: 25%
        • Blast / Explosive Resistance: 25%
        • Lightsaber Resistance - 25%
      • Level 2 - 6 points
        • Hit Location Protection: Torso, Head
        • Blaster / Projectile Resistance: 25%
        • Blast / Explosive Resistance: 25%
        • Lightsaber Resistance - 25%
      • Level 3- 12 points
        • Hit Location Protection: Full Body
        • Blaster / Projectile Resistance: 30%
        • Blast / Explosive Resistance: 30%
        • Lightsaber Resistance - 30%
    • New: Whistling Birds
      • A new side-grade choice for rockets for the Mandalorian class with different mechanics over the normal rocket. Whistling Birds and the Jetpack rocket cannot be chosen at the same time.
      • While holding Class Special 1 you can lock onto targets by either aiming at them, or tagging them with your crosshair being sure to continue holding until lock-on finishes. Holding use will cancel all current targets.
      • Once lock on completes, and you release Class Special 1 a volley of Whistling Birds will be hurled at your targeted enemies (One rocket per enemy). Partial lock-ons are possible but the missile will be more erratic and more likely to hit surrounding terrain or walls.
      • Direct damage only, no splash damage.
      • Can be dodged by getting into cover blocking the path of the rocket towards you, or by blocking as a Jedi.
        • Level 1- 12 Points
          • Rocket Count: 12
          • Damage: 37
          • FP Drain: 37
          • Rocket Speed: 800
          • Knocks down if target is in-air.
    • Change: Mandalorian Class Point Values
      • Westar Pistols: 0/4/14 → 0/6/16
      • Fuel: 8/9/10 → 7/8/9
      • Flamethrower & Wrist Laser: 10 → 9
      • Rocket: 15 → 12
      • Armor: 0/4/6 → 0/5/7
    • Change / Fix: Westar Pistols
      • Dual Westars max charge damage cap lowered from 84 to 72 (42 per pistol down to 36).
      • Charging ammo drain increased from 3 to 4
      • Fixed westar pistols not properly draining ammo for the full damage charge period. (It was 800ms short)
    • Fix: Flamethrower is no longer buyable if no levels of Fuel have been purchased.
    • Fix: No longer gains Wrist Laser ammo without buying Wrist Laser.

  • Fix: Added error handling so a target_print without a set message won't crash the whole server
  • Change / Fix: Many shader files have been merged, and many duplicate assets have been cleaned up to avoid the .shader file limit.
  • Change: Saber hilts now need to include the "isOpenMode" tag in their .sab file to appear in the Open Mode hilt selection.
  • Change: Can no longer have vstr or rconpass in your name. Having either of these in a player's name will cause them to be renamed to the default of Padawan.
  • Server stuff:
    • Change: Anti-spam system has been upgraded. Repeating the same or very similar chat messages will now be caught as well.
    • New: Allow servers to set a custom message to be displayed to banned users on connection attempt. Current usage is with sv_banmsg
    • RCON:
      • Fix: Forceteam can once again be used from RCON with client IDs.
      • Fix: Can now ban players before they have fulled connected into the server.
      • New: "smsay" can now be used with RCON to send messages just to server admins.
        • Messages will be logged as such: "RCON smsay: <text> "
    • New: Allow servers to set a custom message to be displayed to banned users on connection attempt. Current usage is with sv_banmsg
  • New: More g_competitive options
    • CP_SPECTATOR_DISALLOWED // 64 "Team Spectator is not allowed to spectate all players"
  • New: smod spectator (ClientNum or Name)
    • Grants full spectator rights to a dedicated spectator even if CP_NO_SPEC_MOVE or CP_SPECTATOR_DISALLOWED is Active (for use with Competitive game commentary)
    • Require SMod Account with ForceTeam privilege.

  • New: Added Rend2 settings menu
  • New: Added info panes for Amban, Beskar, Whistling Bird.
  • New: Added new HUD notification section.
  • Change: Updated EE-3 Info Pane.
  • Change: Misc Library updates. Special Thanks to Duckshark.
  • Fix: Fixed typo with Suppressive Fire voice chat option.

Full Authentic
Change / Fix: Flipkick - Mechanics for FlipKick have changed rather than no knockback on Strength 3, and a percentage 30/60/90 knockdown chance while not having Strength 2:
  • KnockDown Mechanic
    • Take the users FlipKick Rank and subtract from the defender Strength Rank.
    • If the user is 3 ranks or higher then knockdown is guaranteed.
    • If at least 2 ranks higher. Knockdown targets who are in air, or not walking, blocking, crouching, or standing still.
    • If 1 rank there is no chance of knockdown.
  • KnockBack Mechanic:
    • Fix: Uninitialized knockback direction on being flip kicked.
    • All ranks of flip kick have the same knock back amount, with downward scaling based on the Targets Strength Level.
    • Each rank in strength reducing knockback by 50% until Rank 3 where there is no knockback at all.
  • Knockback and Knockdown mechanics do not apply if target is already suffering from a knockdown.
  • Damage is 9/12/15 from 8 at all ranks, and still bypasses armor. (Additional knockback may apply as a result of this damage)
  • Fix: Removed niche mechanic where if a target had red stance and was not swinging they were always safe from flipkick knockback/knockdown.

  • Change: Legends has been updated with numerous balance changes.
    • Due to the armor changes throughout, numerous classes have been given buffs or nerfs depending on their hp or armor loadout.
    • Mando abilities added throughout a few classes.
    • Hilts and models adjusted.
    • Special thanks to the Legends Legacy server for their contributions to class tweaks.

  • New: Added Jocasta Nu to Jedi.
  • New: Added Foul Moudama (Legends) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Kit Fisto Swim Shorts variant to Jedi. (TCW soundset)
  • New: Added Kit Fisto Forearm Bracelet variant to Jedi. (TCW soundset)
  • New: Added Anakin Skywalker "Nelvaan trials" variant (Legends) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Obi-Wan Kenobi "Tatooine outfit" (OWK series) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Kanan Jarrus (S1 Armored) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Revan (mullet-man) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Jolee Bindo to Jedi.
  • New: Added the Exile (light-sided male variant) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Grand Master Luke Skywalker (Legends) to Jedi.
  • New: Added Dagan Gera to Sith.
  • New: Added Kylo Ren (TRoS) to Sith.
  • New: Added Sith Eradicator (TOR) to Sith.
  • New: Added Ajunta Pall (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Marka Ragnos (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Cognus (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Caedus (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Wyyrlok (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Maladi (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Darth Krayt reborn variant (Legends) to Sith.
  • New: Added Bastila Shan dark side corrupted variant to Sith.
  • New: Added Carth Onasi to Hero.
  • New: Added Bossk to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Bom Vimdin to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Triple-Zero (Marvel Darth Vader Comics) to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Zam Wesell (clawdite form) to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Kino Loy to Rebel Soldiers.
  • New: Added New Republic Soldier (Canon) to Rebel Soldiers.
  • New: Added Weapons Technician (Rebels) to Imperial Soldiers.
  • New: Added Squad Leader Shoretrooper variant to Imperial Soldiers.
  • New: Added Executioner & Finn themed Stormtrooper variants to Imperial Soldiers.
  • New: Added Narkina Guard to Imperial Soldiers.
  • New: Added Andor Garrison Trooper to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added Andor ISB Trooper to Imperial Commanders. (sub-division to Mud Trooper)
  • New: Added Sith Technician (TRoS) to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added Sith Officer male/female (KOTOR) to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added Admiral Saul Karath (KOTOR) to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added Sith Empire Trooper (TOR) to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added BX Droid "Citadel", "Captain", and "Bedlam rifle/melee" variants to Imperial Commanders.
  • New: Added an RGB armored skin to Wookiee.
  • New: Added Clone Tactician (former FA-only visor clone) to Clone Trooper.
  • New: Added Imperial Armored Commando (The Mandalorian S3) to Mandalorians.
  • New: Added Jedi: Survivor, Dolovite Plated, and Beskar skins to Super Battle Droid.
  • New: Added Sio Bibble for potential FA/Legends use.
  • New/Change: Complete Stormtrooper model overhaul. Brand new mesh and skin (sullust and TFUshadow) additions.
  • New/Change: Luminara Unduli: brand new model +TCW soundset.
  • New/Change: Barriss Offee: upgraded model +TCW soundset.
  • New/Change: Exar Kun: model overhaul, authenticity upgrade, and expanded soundset.
  • New/Change: Darth Bane: brand new model.
  • New/Change: Darth Krayt: brand new model.
  • New/Change: Darth Maul: pre-TPM shirtless variant. Upgraded all shirtless Maul skins to a brand new mesh.
  • New/Change: Jorak Uln: complete model overhaul, (re)added Yuthura Ban and Uthar Wynn as subdivisions. Upgraded model for both.
  • New/Change: Added Poncho Luke (Tatooine - ANH) as a variant.
  • New/Change: Boushh/Ubese: brand new model +3 additional variants.
  • Change: Rebel Commando swapped to 3 common variants per each species instead of all having a unique outfit - except Sullustan.
  • Change: Imperial Commander outfit swapped from light gray to pure white instead for sake of canonical consistency.
  • Change: Admiral Natasi Daala swapped to authentic hairstyle.
  • Change: Han Solo: color adjustments on the jacket and coat.
  • Change: Moved Abyssin Thug to Weequay as sub-div.
  • Change: Moved Trandoshan RGB to Bossk as sub-div.
  • Change: Moved Imperial Officer nameless variants to one division.
  • Change: 4-LOM head mesh upgrade giving a more detailed look.
  • Change: Zuckuss texture overhaul and upgraded speculars.
  • Change: Plo Koon TCW now has authentic clone wars bracelet on forearms.
  • Change: Darth Zannah face texture upgrade.
  • Change: Darth Tenebrous chest armor upgrade.
  • Change: Freedon Nadd texture overhaul.
  • Change: Restored Dark Reborn's original face with added facial rigging.
  • Change: Sharpened Darth Vader's and all Clonetrooper / Mandalorian / SBD icons.
  • Change/Fix: Added LODs/incidental decap fixes to the following:
    Adi Gallia, Anakin TCW, Bultar Swan, Coleman Trebor, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Mace Windu CW, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan Ep1 & Ep2, Eeth Koth/Agen Kolar/Saesee Tiin, Mara Jade Jumpsuit, Ongree "NamGamPak", Temple Guard, Cin Drallig, Luke Pilot/Bespin/Dagobah, Obi-Wan Ep4, Cade Skywalker, A'Sharad Hett, Atton Rand, Finn, Ki-Adi Mundi, Padme TPM, Sabe, Dash Rendar, Ackbar, Leia Endor/Slave, Bail Organa, Porkins, Han Solo, Plo Koon, Plo Koon TCW, Shaak Ti, Serra Keto, Depa Billaba, Kanan Jarrus, Bastila Shan, Visas Marr, Kreia, Jedi Female, Asajj Ventress, Maul CW/Rebels/Cyber, Anakin (Sith), Savage Opress, Boc Aseca, Darth Malak, Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, Palpatine TROS, Second Sister, Ben Swolo, Darth Bane, Bom Vimdin, Ponda Baba, Calo Nord, Mandalore, Boushh, Cad Bane, Dengar, Pykes, Aurra Sing, Gamorrean, Nikto Thug, RAB-24, HK-47/50/51, Tusken Male, Tusken Female, Durge, BX Droid, Assault Droid (KotOR), Sith Trooper, Neo-Crusader Mandalorian, ANH Luke, Darth Malgus, Darth Zannah, Jerec, Exile, Pale Reborn, Concept Reborn, Sith Assassin female, Jorak Uln, Naboo Guard, Naboo Palace Guard, Crix Madine, Rebel Guerilla, Darth Tenebrous, Delta Squad, Clone Commandos, Clone Marine, ClonePac, MBMandy, MBMandyFem, Tarfful, Paz Vizsla (LOD lvl 2), Female Rebel Pilots / Tyria Sarkin, Captain Panaka, Resistance Trooper, Rebel Grenadier
  • Fix: Zam Wesell converted from JK2 to JA skeleton, minor rigging adjustments, added hand movement.
  • Fix: HK units no longer have stuffed hands.
  • Fix: Nien Nunb and Sullustan blinking animation no longer clips to the head mesh.
  • Fix: Reduced draw calls on Imperial Officers.
  • Fix: Updated Coleman Trebor with nicer vertex normals, consistent with other HapSlash-based Jedi models.
  • Fix: Fixed reverse decapitation textures on Rebel Hoth Trooper and Jango Fett themed Mandalorians.
  • Fix: Fixed missing teeth/facial animation on Jerec, Darth Malgus, Naboo Guards, Crix Madine, Cpt. Panaka.
  • Remove: Generic Advozse Mercenary replaced by Bom Vimdin.
  • Remove: Kel-Dor Sith as it had nothing to do with any Star Wars media.

    Full Authentic Model Changes:
    New/Change: Upgraded KOTOR Shortsword, Longsword, and Swordstaff models with nicer versions by Rooxon.
    New/Change: Upgraded Vibroblade models in um_canyon with nicer versions by Rooxon.
    New/Change: Upgraded Ragnos' Scepter/Sword (Legends, uMad, PBII) with nicer versions also by Rooxon.
    New/Change: Replaced Raiden's MGS4 Sword (mgsvr) with a nicer version by AshuraDX.
    Change: Added specular shaders to Hera Syndulla and Old Rex (Legends).
    Change: Updated Bodhi Rook (scarif, um_cantina) model with a new soundset and specular textures.
    Change: Updated Officer Cassian (citadel) model with better vertex normals and a proper head decap mesh.
    Change: Updated Imperial Worker Jyn (citadel) model with better vertex normals and a proper head decap mesh.
    Change: Updated Infinities Vader (Legends) so it uses the OT-styled helmet mesh.
    Change: Updated Phase 3 Darktrooper (Legends, um_taspir, PBII) with nicer vertex normals and rigging.
    Change: Updated Tien Tubb (cmp_narshaddaa) with better decapitation support.
    Change: Updated Red Team Mandalorians (um_canyon) with nicer vertex normals and fixed jetpack flames.
    Change: Updated Stormtroopers, Rebels & Goalie Vader (um_football) with shader support.
    Change: Updated Phase 1 Darktrooper (um_prisonraid_v4) with nicer vertex normals, fixed shader, and converted to JKA skeleton.
    Change: Updated KOTOR 2 Ubese (um_water) with better rigging and decapitation support.
    Change: Updated Agent Smith (matrix_bbrawl, PBII) with proper decapitation support. Tweaked taunt2/victory1 lines to be higher volume.
    Change: Upgraded Darth Jarjar (PBII) with his original rigged hands, wider feet, better decapitation & added robed variant.
    Change: Updated Officer Gloan (PBII) to use Scerendo's Jango head.
    Change: Upgraded Wheelchair Morgan (PBII) with the same T-21 models as open, LOD support, and hopefully fixed his animevents sometimes breaking in-game audio.
    Change: Optimized Force Ghost Yoda (Legends) by making the shader reuse default textures.
    Change: Optimized Death Trooper (undeadstar) by merging various meshes together. Added jaw movement & fixed head decapitation.
    Change: Optimized Nautolan Watchman (um_dojo_v2) with optimized textures, improved decapitation and better facial anims.
    Change: Optimized Token Black Guy (um_nightmare) with removal of unused meshes. Amplified volume of taunts.
    Change: Optimized Force Ghost Palpatine (PBII) by making the shader reuse zombie textures. Added facial/finger movement & LODs from normal Palpatine. Tweaked shader so it's consistent with Ghost Obi-Wan.
    Change: Merged Zombie Palpatine with normal Palpatine, which thus adds LOD support, facial & finger rigging.
    Change: Merged TFU Jawa (cmp_assault, Legends) skin with default Jawa.
    Change: Merged all cel-shaded CW models (cmp_ctf_ascension) with their original versions instead of 9 duplicate GLMs. Improved vertex normals & added Red Team icons.
    Change: Merged Reaper MacZombie (cmp_zombiehorror, PBII) with Lando.
    Change: Merged Ugnaught Worker & Technician variants (um_bespin_night) into one model.
    Change: Merged Jedi Ugnaught (um_bespin_night) with the vanilla model.
    Change: Merged Wookiee (um_cantina) with Chewbacca.
    Change: Merged Isaias (um_dojo_v2) with ROTS Obi-Wan.
    Change: Merged The Senate (um_dojo_v2) with Palpatine.
    Change: Merged Ash Williams (um_nightmare) with Lando.
    Change: Merged Pretend Black Guy (um_nightmare) with the Reborn model.
    Change: Merged Demon Mage (um_olympus) with the default Mage.
    Change: Merged Pirate Scoundrel (um_pirvsnin) with Prisoner.
    Change: Merged Sub-Zero (um_pirvsnin) with Old Master.
    Change: Merged Two-Face (dc_universe) with Agent Smith.
    Change: Merged UNSC Marine and Sargent (halo_for) with Colonial Marines.
    Change: Merged Lego Handmaiden & Lego Ventress (legosw) with the main Lego minifigure mesh.
    Change: Merged Elven Elite (lotr_helmsdeep) with Saboteur.
    Change: Merged Gimli (lotr_helmsdeep) with Ugnaught.
    Change: Merged MGPO Big Boss (mgsvr) with Snake.
    Change: Merged Psycho Mantis (mgsvr) with SAS.
    Change: Merged MGS2 Ninja (mgsvr) with JK2 Shadowtrooper.
    Change: Merged MGS3 "The Pain" (mgsvr) with Rax.
    Change: Merged MGS Ocelot (mgsvr) with Neo.
    Change: Merged MGS4 Ocelot (mgsvr) with Neo.
    Change: Merged Otacon (mgsvr) with Neo.
    Change: Merged MGS4 Old Snake (mgsvr) with Snake.
    Change: Merged MGS4 Raiden (mgsvr) with MGS2 Raiden.
    Change: Merged Sniper Wolf (mgsvr) with Gwethenea.
    Change: Merged Vamp (mgsvr) with Neo.
    Change: Merged GTA 3 Guy (slender) with Prisoner.
    Change: Merged Don, Leo, Mike, and Raph models (TMNT) into one GLM.
    Change: Merged Ronald McDonald (ultimate_showdown) with Lando.
    Change: Merged FPS Doug and Freddi Mercury (Powerbattles II) with base JKA's Jedi model.
    Change: Merged George Lucas (Powerbattles II) with Morgan. Raised volume of a few taunts and added one victory line.
    Change: Merged Nicholas Cage (Powerbattles I/II) with Dooku.
    Change: Merged Troll (Powerbattles II) with Mercenary Kyle.
    Change: Merged Wolverine (Powerbattles) with Kyle.
    Fix: Converted the majority of PNG textures for all FA models to JPG/TGA.
    Fix: Converted Clone Pilot (um_poolparty) to JKA skeleton. Also improved vertex normals & reduced draw calls.
    Fix: Converted Jar Jar Binks to JKA skeleton. Tweaked vertex normals to look nicer.
    Fix: Converted old Qui-Gon Jinn model (um_antioch, PBII) to JKA skeleton. Tweaked vertex normals to look nicer.
    Fix: Converted Freddy Krueger (um_nightmare) to JKA skeleton.
    Fix: Fixed mishap with the Royal Guard model, where an older version of the model in UM's assets was overriding the updated version.
    Fix: Added missing activation sound to Jesus' Cross Saber.
    Fix: Corrected Ragnos' weapon description in um_crypt from "Magical Ghost Lightsaber" to "The Hammer of MK Ragnos".
    Fix: Fixed CSS Terrorist skins for the base JKA Jedi model using the default Jedi soundset.
    Fix: Fixed missing Daft Punk shader for PB.
    Model Path changes for Addon Pack authors:
    palpatine_zombie/default -> palpatine/zombie
    TFU_Jawa/default -> jawa/tfu
    Reaper_MacZombie/default -> lando/maczombie
    ugnaught_technician/default -> ugnaught_worker/tech
    jediugnaught/default -> ugnaught/jedi
    wook1/default -> chewbacca/wook1
    isaias/default -> obiwan_ep3/isaias
    ash/default -> lando/ash
    freddy/default -> indiana/freddy
    hood/default -> reborn/hood
    pirate_scoundrel/default -> prisoner/pirate
    san_mk/blue -> san_master/blue_mk
    darktrooperphs1_prison -> darktrooper_p1
    halounsc_sarge/default -> halounsc_marine/sarge
    dinohunter/default -> indiana/dinohunter
    jedi/one -> jedi/sguard1
    jedi/two -> jedi/sguard2
    jedi/three -> jedi/sguard3
    gta3_guy/default -> prisoner/gta3_guy
    don/default -> SD_tmnt/don
    leo/default -> SD_tmnt/leo
    mike/default -> SD_tmnt/mike
    Ronald_McDonald/default -> lando/mcdonald
    chuck/default -> indiana/chuck
    fps_doug/default -> jedi/fps_doug
    freddi/default -> jedi/freddi
    lucas/default -> morgan/lucas
    ncage/default -> hs_dooku/ncage
    troll/default -> ib-merc_kyle/troll
    wolverine/default -> kyle/wolverine

Lightsaber Hilts:
Note: Most of the newly added hilts were created by Rooxon from 2015-2018.
Thanks to LangZ and Jedinoob124 for several of the new Lightsaber sounds.
  • Added: Battlemaster (KOTOR Staff)
  • Added: Dark Staff
  • Added: Darth Phobos (TFU)
  • Added: Exar Kun's Staff
  • Added: Acolyte (TOR)
  • Added: Avar Kriss (HR)
  • Added: Baal
  • Added: Count Dooku - Non-Curved (TFU)
  • Added: Cross-Elegance
  • Added: Darth Vader (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)
  • Added: Deak Starkiller (Ralph McQuarrie Concept)
  • Added: Depa Billaba (TCW)
  • Added: Kol Skywalker (EU)
  • Added: Kyrios
  • Added: Liberator
  • Added: Luke Skywalker (JA) - Based on JK2/JKA Look
  • Added: Lula Tarisola (HR)
  • Added: Retribution (JO) - Alternate Desann Hilt
  • Added: Short Saber (KOTOR)
  • Added: Sith Stalker - Wii (TFU)
  • Added: Starkiller Clone (TFU II)
  • Added: Tulak Hord (Alternate Design)
  • Added: Veteran (Renamed KOTOR Hilt "Veteran" to "Old Republic Knight")
  • Added: X1 & X2's Hilt (Battlefront 3/Elite Squadron)
  • Added: Yoda (High Republic)
  • New/Change: Altered most lightsaber ignition & hum sounds for better authenticity.
  • Change: Upgraded Mara Jade (Emperor's Hand) hilt with a newer version by Plasma.
  • Change: Upgraded Orgus Din hilt with Rooxon's version.
  • Change: Upgraded Rosh Penin's hilt with Rooxon's version.
  • Change: Upgraded Stellan Gios' hilt with Plasma's version.
  • Change: Upgraded Tavion Axmis' hilt with Rooxon's version.
  • Change: Upgraded Turanis hilt with AshuraDX's version.
  • Change: Optimized Old Republic Knight hilt with LODs. Also scaled up to match other hilts' larger sizes.
  • Fix: Adjusted Darth Bane's curved lightsaber hilt where the blade was heading from/to the wrong direction.
    Note: Turanis hilt in the hilt preview is made by Rooxon, as Ashura's version wasn't working out in Blender.

  • New / Change: Map Entities
    • Added misc_resupply_ammo and misc_resupply_health for maps with respawn mode objectives (currently only CTF). These can be hacked to restore ammo/expendables and health/armor to varying amounts based on class, build and entity config.
    • Added NOREPEAT spawnflag to target_random so it can be configured to never fire the same target twice. Also gave it improved randomness.
    • Full details for these can be found in the updated entity definitions available in the MBII modding tools package.
    • You can now target trigger_capture entities with a non-player entity to reset their status.
  • New: Added KotOR era Republic & Sith Empire capture node models.
  • Change: Updated vertex normals on many vehicle map objects such as the LAAT, TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber for misc_model_statics.
Official Maps
  • New: mb2_ctf_dotf
  • New: mb2_ctf_starkiller_base
  • New: mb2_manaan
  • Change: mb2_ctf_backstreets
    • Added 2 resupply nodes in the cantina that require a capture node and stay active for 45 seconds.
    • Enlarged doors around the cantina to account for increased flow.
  • Change: mb2_ctf_deathstar, mb2_ptf_deathstar
    • Updated main route to adjust map flow and add more cover.
    • Updated one type of spawn room.
    • Added 6 resupply nodes of 3 types across the map.
      • 2 Health Resupply nodes
      • 2 Ammo Resupply nodes
      • 1 Armor resupply nodes that requires a capture node to activate and stays active for 30 seconds. Once deactivated it will need to be captured again.
    • Updated Minimap
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2.
  • Change: mb2_ctf_eravana, mb2_ctf_tusken, mb2_ctf_jeditemple, mb2_ctf_sdestroyer, mb2_ctf_scarif, mb2_ptf_scarif
    • Added resupply nodes.
  • Change: mb2_ctf_theed
    • Added Spawn rooms + shock and push fields.
    • Added resupply nodes
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2.
  • Change: mb2_duel_kamino, mb2_dotf, mb2_tutorial02, mb2_theed, mb2_lunarbase, mb2_duel_dantooine, mb2_duel_rcbridge, mb2_duel_datacore, mb2_duel_detention, mb2_scarif, mb2_duel_crait, mb2_duel_crait_alt, mb2_duel_supremacy
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2.
  • Change: mb2_duel_revan, mb2_duel_ravager
    • Updated many textures for Rend2, including fixing some old logo errors and missing emissive textures.
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2
  • Change: mb2_enclave
    • Updated left side route to encompass a larger area similar to the original game, and remove the elevator in favor of a more open ramped environment.
    • Updated long right side route near council chamber to be much shorter, with a new room (garden from KotOR2) featuring more cover, and raised the route to have less of a hill effect.
    • Added some additional bombardment spots.
    • Datapad now resets after 45 seconds if not reached by a player, and resets instantly if placed/dropped in some "non accessible areas" such as death pits.
    • Removed extra spawns.
    • Reworked VIS to be simpler and easier to maintain.
    • Added some more environment sounds.
    • Updated many textures across the map which also in some cases reduces texture count.
    • Updated many brushwork elements to be more efficient.
    • Updated shading on ship model.
    • Updated Minimap.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_commtower
    • Fixed small vent elevator timewaste spot.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_kamino
    • Fixed timewasting spot near outer route side entrance.
    • Fixed shading on pillar and gunship models
    • Fixed many texture misalignments
    • Minimap shader updates
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2
  • Change / Fix: mb2_republiccruiser, mb2_republiccruiser_fastload
    • Fixed being able to access bridge route early through lower route.
    • Fixed missing sun light.
    • Fixed floating clone trooper.
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2.
    • Removed extra spawns.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_tutorial00
    • Re-enabled many of the class switch triggers as they are now less buggy.
    • Minor lighting adjustments.
    • Deluxe compile & Cubemaps for rend2
  • Change / Fix: mb2_tutorial01
    • Updated minimap notification
    • Added 3d objective icons to help direct the player.
    • Changed/Fixed shading on many map models.
    • Fixed many texture misalignments
    • Deluxe compile & cubemaps for rend2
  • Removed: mb2_ctf_imperial (replaced by mb2_ctf_starkiller_base)
CMP Maps
  • New: mb2_cmp_transport by Bully
  • New: mb2_cmp_hetzalprime by Jadon & Sandy
  • Change: Rescue
    • Entire map retextured and given colored lighting to help players understand better which area they are in.
    • Three new short corridors added help alleviate chokepoints.
    • Yellow pipe and generator room re-sized to allow for more mobility.
    • Cover changed in various places around the map and diversified.
    • Rebel respawn moved near first hack after it is finished.
    • Imp respawn moved outside of final obj once final obj doors are hacked.
  • Change: Endor
    • Main and side entrance area reworked to allow for better gameplay flow.
    • Added rocks to the side of the second floor to allow for rebels to attack inside the base easier.
    • Corridors near main entrance reworked and a door added which unlocks from secondary hack.
  • Change: Fdepot
    • Lighting and textures to certain areas made to be more Imperial
    • Cover slightly modified and moved in certain areas.
    • Expanded terrain near Imperial transport area.
    • Clipping on models adjusted.
  • Change: Onderon
    • New side route added within the Stronghold) area which leads to Sith spawn. This is opened once Turret is hacked.
    • Lighting reworked and map optimized to help improve FPS
    • Outer turret design reworked to more closely match canon.
    • Boma no longer can be hurt until it escapes from the cage (turret hack). Main area given a few npc-only clip brushes to help its ability to navigate.
    • Both teams now are informed when attacking team is on the Skyramp, obj timer extended one additional second.
    • Imperial respawns are moved closer to Skyramp when rebels get closer to obj or imperial spawn.
    • Rebels now respawn after the secondary panel hack inside the Ammo room.
    • Cover tweaked in numerous areas of the map. More rubble added in the outdoor areas
    • Barracks room expanded further and a new window was added which players can sneak through.
    • Sith spawn area reworked slightly.
  • Fix: Nar Shaddaa
    • Fixed trigger_hurt near the objective (players could bypass it with Hero heal 3).
  • Fix: Telos
    • Added clip textures to the "Cantina dancefloor" to prevent players from getting stuck.
    • Added clip textures on benches, allowing players to walk on them.

uMad? Maps
  • New: um_thermae by Biggs
  • New: uM_spice by Biggs
  • New: uM_spice_duel by Biggs
  • New: uM_spice_skirmish by Biggs
  • New: uM_spice_towers by Biggs
  • New: uM_Breakfloor by Goosto
  • New: uM_Glass by Li'kima
  • New / Change: um_nightmare
    • Added new Jason Voorhees model by Psyk0Sith to um_nightmare. Old model is kept as an extra skin.
  • Change: um_ctf_yavinvalley, um_ctf_bespin, um_ctf_coruscant, um_ctf_oceantemple, um_ctf_rift.
    • Added resupply nodes.
  • Change / Fix: uM_ctf_narshaddaa
    • fixed skybox bug
    • added cover
    • lighting made more similar to the original map
    • Added resupply nodes.
  • Fix: uM_bespin, bespin_night, & bespin_tournament
    • Misc bug fixes.

MGM Maps
  • Change: legosw
    • Added Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga pain/death sounds to most characters.
    • Scaled up all Lego lightsaber hilts & weapon models to match minifigure proportions.
    • In conjunction with the previous change, lightsaber blades have been shortened & widened to match their look in official Lego Star Wars games.
    • Fixed transparency issues with Lego Blasters.
    • Fixed first person view for all characters' weapons.
    • Fixed jetpack flame issues with Boba and Jango.
  • Change: slender
    • Upgraded Slenderman model with Slender: The Arrival's version (pre-UE5 upgrade). Also upgraded taunt selection to make use of STA's sounds.
    • Added a flashlight to some survivors. Slightly buggy because of Quake 3. Model by Langerd.
    • Fixed one of the survivors using the default Jedi soundset.
  • Fix: matrix_bbrawl
    • Fixed two respawn locations for Smiths being inside walls.
PowerBattles II
  • New classes added : Donald Trump, Herobrine and Trollface
OpenJK / MBII Client
  • New / Feature: Rend2
    • Rend 2 new / updated renderer by SomaZ that adds Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to OpenJK / MBII.
    • Physically Based Rendering in OpenJK/ MBII means there is now support for:
      • Normal, Height, Roughness, Metallic, AO, Specular, Gloss texture maps.
      • Cloth Material Rendering
      • Tonemapping
      • HDR Color Space Rendering
      • HDR Lightmaps
      • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
      • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
      • Cascaded Shadow Maps for Suns
      • Image refraction
    • More features for Rend2 are still in the works and will be coming in future updates.
    • Important Notes:
      • Only a small subset of assets within Movie Battles II have been updated to work with Rend2. Many of those assets, like maps, only use a small subsection of the features available. This is a starting point and with each update we hope to continue to update old assets and add new ones to increase our visual fidelity. Assets will also be refined as Rend2's feature set grows, as well as our experience using it within our workflow.
      • With an increase in graphical fidelity comes with an increase in memory usage and file size. Be warned when switching to using Rend2. In the future, the launcher will include a separate toggle for downloading Rend 2 assets.
      • When first launching, be sure to go into the Settings / Video/ Rend2 Options to check that settings are enabled. However, HDR Lightmaps setting may cause issues on maps without HDR lightmaps. Safe to keep that off for now as no maps currently support HDR lightmaps.
  • Vulkan
    • Change: Merged in upstream Vulkan updates from Quake3e
    • Change / Fix: Restricted several cvars to be behind cheats being enabled
    • Fix: Flares now work again.
  • General
    • Fix: Fixed s_initsound 0 crash
    • Fix: Fix a regression for same-frame mutual kills.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name.
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Speaking of Sabering part...

So far nothing seems to be wrong to me after a couple of duels, smoother sabre collisions actually make duels look cleaner.

Though i might support the idea that some swings are now closer to landing instantly when accelerated, if i got it right. But i am not certain if i am seeing things and it was like this before.
... currently we're seeing weird saber behaviour ... It leads to visually unappealing instant hit that even the Jedi Archive have never heard about. ...

In any case, Swing Accelerating a.k.a. yawing, still deserves a radical balance fix more than anything else does :)
Get more dueling experience, this is not the case whatsoever.
I probably am not around for as long as you are really, but my 6 years experience has proven the point to me multiple times.

Yawing can be read and countered easily with slaps, distance, and experience with PB zones.
Properly executed yawing cannot be predicted more often than in 1/5th of cases, it's gambling. You get ~20% chance at most to block properly yawed opener. Everything else that is claimed to be 100% counter-covered is just a poor performance of said technique, which is how absolute majority of MBII performs it.
From a mindgame gameplay relying on hard mechanics (1.3 up to 1.5), we are now completly in the "new era" of saber-saber interactions. Where one learns attack patterns, and rely on movement to make a difference.

Thanks to all who contributed in making this game a dumber place. It's not like some of us tried to explain in details, but after cycles and cycles of new players. Too few we are, too ignored we been.

Rest in peace hope for duelling. May the brutality and gambling be your amusement, for those of us who liked the depth we no longer see spark of hope for (Nor see at all!). We'll be leaving.
I do hope the devs realises they contribute to lowering down the skill ceilling, by allowing it to be basically dumber. (But it requires years of intense duelling, and mastery, which im not sure one has reached...)
Stassin was far from wrong, in the end.


Internal Beta Team
From a mindgame gameplay relying on hard mechanics (1.3 up to 1.5), we are now completly in the "new era" of saber-saber interactions. Where one learns attack patterns, and rely on movement to make a difference.

Thanks to all who contributed in making this game a dumber place. It's not like some of us tried to explain in details, but after cycles and cycles of new players. Too few we are, too ignored we been.

Rest in peace hope for duelling. May the brutality and gambling be your amusement, for those of us who liked the depth we no longer see spark of hope for (Nor see at all!). We'll be leaving.
I do hope the devs realises they contribute to lowering down the skill ceilling, by allowing it to be basically dumber. (But it requires years of intense duelling, and mastery, which im not sure one has reached...)
Stassin was far from wrong, in the end.
Cool story how bout you post an actual feedback if you're complaining
The new sounds effects for clone rifle/pistol are awful. They sound like a child toy now.

SBD & T21 are fine, even if for the T21 I still like the previous one more.

As for mand is it possible to change the hold to aim mode on ee3 to an on/off switch ? It feels really weird for all weapon to have a toggle mode except for ee3.

Otherwise it's great to have a new update.
Speaking of Sabering part...

So far nothing seems to be wrong to me after a couple of duels, smoother sabre collisions actually make duels look cleaner.

Though i might support the idea that some swings are now closer to landing instantly when accelerated, if i got it right. But i am not certain if i am seeing things and it was like this before.

In any case, Swing Accelerating a.k.a. yawing, still deserves a radical balance fix more than anything else does :)

I think this is what Adelaide is referring to.

It essentially looks like swing animation "jumps" to a later part when chaining after a parry. I can't understand what causes it, it happens on random instances.

I've got more footage of such glitches, I'll upload a better video when I get some time.


The new TK system is ridiculously strict. I was on Gonk Garage last night, it was a full server. Players (not trolls, just people playing the game regularly) were getting executed and kicked for teamkill points every single round. If admins weren't there to reset people's points, the server would've been empty in an hour.
I couldn't find library entry on Amban rifle
edit:ee-3 lvl2 scoped crouched stationary is now inaccurate, is this a bug?
also since amban rifle doesn't waste ammo when the charge is interrupted wouldn't it be more ergonomic to charge automatically when scoped (like tf2 sniper) and fire on click instead of release?
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This is the first update to actually make me not like the game at all afterwards. Everything is just worse than before lol.
I'll second that. I like the additions of new skins and maps but they went way too far with core changes. I don't understand why devs do this, they change the game over and over until it doesn't even feel like what people fell in love with and that's led to the death of so many games. Like why change blaster sounds, what did that add? They should take they're hands off the goddamned wheel before they wreck the game completely with these awful updates.


Internal Beta Team
First you must realize that all the things devs had done, they done in their free time and for us, as I doubt they would be doing this just for themselves. If you really dislike something, you should address the specific problem and your thought on possible solution, feedback is important than just pointing fingers and saying "This broke the game for me" "This made me uninstall" "This ruined everything". At the end, you're still here and you probably want to play some more, so make the job easier.


Level Designer
Movie Battles II Team
but they went way too far with core changes. I don't understand why devs do this, they change the game over and over until it doesn't even feel like what people fell in love with and that's led to the death of so many games.

While I understand having frustration with changes, this one in particular doesn't feel very founded in reality, and also feels like it is from someone who hasn't read the changelog, or has been around very long. It is really disappointing and disheartening to see someone not really want to understand or care for why we made such changes.

Armor for example used to be stronger in older builds, but it broke at some point to be equal to health. That resulted in changes like lowering projectile rifle damage because we noticed something changed but we weren't sure what until now. So things like that are a reversion to the "game people fell in love with". Back then people noticed a decrease in TTK times but we all thought it was because of other changes, when it was armor itself breaking. Way back when too, the Mandalorian class had the projectile rifle as its sniper, and now were back to something similar again with that, but still a bit different. We also brought back projectile rifle piercing through deka shield, once again an old feature.

Please, before raging at us read the changelog. If some things need to be adjusted further because there are still differences from now and old versions we will. We also did weeks of open beta, and the feedback thread has a whole 9 people (non-dev) that commented in it, and none for the last balance drop. I personally was hoping for more participation than we got, but maybe we need to set up specific beta times or something as well.
it's so over
movie battles 2 has fallen...
There are some things that make this mod unique.. This was one of the most fun bug mechanic. Consider bringing it back as a feature please. The trolls must thrive! Think of how Bob Billy's new vids will no longer have floating duels on BOC and Deathstar :(
Entire point from initial message of mine is...

...even segments under "Normal" mark show an opener that is too fast to be blocked by human reaction. So prediction only, which is basically pure gambling against a good opponent who can properly accelerate their swings.

Nerd part:

You can go to the 0:06 in the video, and do the following:

• Mark starting point: when it becomes clear what direction swing will come from
• Mark
ending point: when swing lands
• Use timer and check how much has passed between those two points
• Considering how much the video is slower there (around 3 times?), calculate the real time between those two points

• Subtract average of ~40 ms of ping on top
• Subtract another ~40 ms you need to move your mouse physically
• Subtract another 60 ms, considering the swing almost wasn't accelerated

Got the duration?
Now, average human reaction is 200-250 ms, let's say
200 because we are MBII players :dooky:
Really strong reaction time would be ~
180 ms
Best recorded reaction in the world seems to be
100 ms, by some CS player, far not everyone is physically capable of that, also seems to be human limit
Google this, i did not come up with it myself

The reason i don't yaw for the last 4 years
It's good to know this technique and be able to perform
It's a comedy when something like this is OK'd in any kind of supposedly serious tournaments