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Movie Battles II Team Retired
These are now available at the bottom of the Downloads page under Tools. A brief summary of the contents:
  • The original Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast SDK assets and programs (partially reorganized and deduplicated).
  • Map editors (GtkRadiant 1.6 and NetRadiant Custom) and Q3map2GUI, with a setup script to configure environment and MBII specific settings.
  • PSDs for model icons and level design related graphics.
  • A copy of Pakscape if you don't already have a preferred way of working with PK3 files.
  • Miscellaneous scripts and other utilities we have used internally for working with MBII related files.
- Updated NetRadiant-Custom to 2022-02-11 release. NOTE: If upgrading NRC manually, make sure to move the folders games,, and from the root into a subfolder named 'gamepacks'.
- Updated map entity definitions for trigger_multiple to add new doorTrigger property.
- Added optional Modified Map Objects PK3 to Level Design Assets. Currently contains ship MD3s with fixed normals.

- Updated example CTF map references to incorporate protected spawn forcefield changes.
- Updated map entity definitions to fix malformatting issue that hid some entities and updated trigger_push and misc_siege_item for an upcoming MBII release.
- Added JKA siege tutorial files (source for siege_destroyer and vehicles tutorial). Was overlooked before due to being released separately from the main JKA SDK.

- Added example CTF maps as references for the upcoming CTF mode.
- Updated levelshot example with CTF indicator.
- Updated entity definitions with more consistent formatting, some fixes, and merged improvements from DarthG's Updated MP entities:
- Added target_ambient to entity definitions (will be available with CTF's release).
- Added shader_trigger entry to netradiant .game definitions to fix wrong shader on trigger entity creation

- Initial release
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