Moviebattles II Hotfix Released


V1.8.0.1 Update

  • Fix/Change: Players in private duels will no longer be able to enter vehicles that are assumed to have extra seats to avoid causing a potential server crash.
  • Fix/Change: cg_twoPistolCrosshairs now only has an impact if you're not using convergent mode.
  • Fix: Make convergent pistols more robust when g2 traces fail or at close range.
  • Fix: The previous fix for ARC losing stamina in unintended circumstances had some cascading effects. Those should now be resolved.
  • Fix: Fire damage reverted to intended damage, only does more to on-fire Wooks (on-fire ticks increased from 2 to 3).
  • Change: Mandalorian Rocket:
    • Reworked 1.5x delay when firing while jetpack on cooldown to the following:
      • A timer of 500ms that scales down based on how long it's been since you exited flight is added to the base launch time.
  • Change: Bounty Hunter:
    • Time before Disruptor ammo starts bleeding increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Change: ARC
    • M5 Sniper shot count lowered from 8 to 7.
  • Change: Pulse Grenades:
    • Thrown radius increased from 250 to 300
    • Launched radius increased from 200 to 215.
Full Authentic
  • Change: Slight buff to zombie team on CMP Zombie Horror.
  • Fix: Saesee Tiin no longer missing on CMP Arena.
  • Fix: Custom voice commands now work for both teams on MGM Omaha.
  • New: Grogu - slow moving, force-supplying medic/support class.
  • New: New Republic Security Droid (from The Mandalorian) - slow moving tank / suppressive fire class.
  • Fix: Issue with Jabba crashing clients
  • Change: Jabba given Assemble + Force sight / MT immunity + Death Animation
  • Change: Tusken Raider given Tusken Raider taunt animations
  • Change: Gamorrean given Rally
  • Change: Commander Cody's rate of fire decreased slightly
  • Change: Jedi given 2 class number limits
  • Change: Jet Trooper 2 Class Number limits reduced to 4
  • Change: Zam Wessel now has Disguise
  • Change: Jedi / Cultist no longer able to pick up weapons
  • Change: Spy / Infiltrator classes can now fake death
  • Change: More grenade parameters for Concussion, Sonic, Fire, Cryoban grenades exposed to UI.
  • Fix: Don't show team overlay, following text when scoreboard is up.
  • Fix: cg_hudfiles is no longer hard coded, this fixed the HUD Layout custom settings. To apply, make sure you hit the apply button, then force reload of the HUD button, or just restart your game.
  • Fix: cg_twoPistolCrosshairs added to settings menu.
  • Fix: Chat should new line again.
  • New: A partial "Classic" HUD config has been added. Right now this only changes chat to the classic font, and the highlights in the scoreboard back to white. This will be expanded later to fully encompass the Classic UI later.
  • Change: Reverted Quinlan Vos' soundset to classic set minus pain/death sounds.
  • Change: Tweaked "SWIIING" girl ET soundset to add variety.
  • Change: Tweaked Female Cultist soundset for the same reason as above.
  • Change: Tweaked Tholothian Frenzy soldier soundset.
  • Change: Changed Racto's suit to look less like a Rebel.
  • Change: Changed Kaleesh's suit to look less random.
  • Fix: Din's custom westar pistols are now visible in first person.
  • Change/Fix: uM_Bespin/Bespin Tournament
    • More areas blocked from allowing Swoops to top area.
    • Further refinement to secret areas, maps no longer contain weapons.
    • Improvements made to further protect against server crashes.
MBII Client
  • Change: Updated the bundled Windows and Linux versions of the separately maintained MBII Client (mbii.x86.exe) based on OpenJK. The MBII Client is GPL licensed and has its source code available at MBII/OpenJK.
    • The Windows build now defaults to using GameData (same as original JAMP) for writing user settings. This change should not affect players using the launcher as that already sets fs_homepath to do the same.
    • fs_game now defaults to MBII. Can still be overridden by setting it in startup parameters.
    • Updated Linux build so it is now close to upstream OpenJK and includes recent fork changes. The client (mbii.i386) should be compatible with Ubuntu 18.04+ and other distros with at least GLIBC 2.27. The dedicated server (mbiided.i386) should be compatible with CentOS 7+ and any other distros with at least GLIBC 2.17 (this can be checked by running ldd --version).
    • NOTE: If switching from OpenJK to MBII client, you may need to update your cl_renderer setting to rd-vanilla-mbii. Without this you will not get r_aspectCorrectRotatePic2 which is used with widescreen UI correction.
  • A Linux Installation Guide is now available on the wiki. Some basic familiarity with Linux is assumed, but the information should be helpful for anyone attempting to setup on that platform for the first time.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name


Internal Beta Team
ive always weighed about beta team private vs public open and i think if i had to choose i prefer private

and its really simple why

because ive met so many retards in game
Private testing hasnt always given the best results, besides there aren't enough active testers, haven't been in a long time


Movie Battles II Team
It really needs to be a mix of both at this point, public beta for the general feedback and "reading the room" and private beta for the serious game breaking bugs/exploits and early concepts like new classes/things that one can't easily framework into an open beta.

Frenzy's weekly scrims (not that I've had the best track record of making) are a good middle step but only goes as far as maps/models/FA stuff within the current build.
i'm still mad about the death star map having the open space hangar pointing at the double walkways just because it was wrong for so many years i don't know how to not be mad about it

thanks alot, lindsey
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