March Character Models

Hey everyone here to share a quick update with you all a few new additions to the rosters, that will be coming in the next update! Along with a small preview of what's to come :)

General Hux


First up is the First Order's Elite favourite whipping boy, General Armitage Hux. Naturally he will be joining the Commander role, and will come with the option of being coat or coatless.

First Order Office


To go alongside Hux there will also be a Generic First Order Office being added to the Commander roles. Initially I was going to have both a male and female version of the character, however due to time constraints, and the mere fact I didn't want to homogenise so many different First Order officers (since Hux was being added) I ended up just keeping it a female officer. This might change in the future if enough if you guys want one.



Two variations of Deathtroopers are joining the ranks, the specialist with their pauldron and ammo packs, and the regular trooper with his fancy tac-visor on his helmet. These two will also be in the upcoming FA for Scarif!

The following are not necessarily new, but I have done a couple of tweaks and changes to the following models:



Following feedback and suggestions, Rey has received a new head model for all her skins. I have also adjusted her hair colour to match Daisy's and separated the skin textures so that the texture quality should look more consistent across the model

Finn & Poe


Finally, Finn and Poe have both received some minor adjustments to their models and textures. For Finn I have altered the colour of his last Jedi Outfit, and have thickened and scaled up his limbs and torso slightly (since originally he was using the same body mesh as Poe). For Poe, he has been given some adjustments to his head model, and I've also tweaked the textures on his Jacket and how it sits on his body. Both of them have also received holsters to house their respective pistols.

Looking Ahead

I do have some early work in progess sculpts on a few potential models that may be coming soon, which you can see here:


Keep in mind these are very early WIPS and are not necessarily set in stone :) some are more further along than others (Shae Vizla and Nien Nunb) and some are very quick sculpts (Snoke).

But I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect, and of course I am always checking the forums and various threads to see what characters others would like to see in game!


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NIEN NUNB YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Super rad models.

That Death Trooper's holding a DLT, are they BH? That'd be cool, finally having an actual Imperial in one of the super gunner classes.

I wanna see Death Trooper tactical death squads mowing down Jedi with DLTs and poison.
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