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Change kills to always count as whole kills and deaths only when last life is killed.

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    I can see that, And I agree with him completely, but this is a thread for a certain topic, it doesn't matter how weird or pointless that topic is, it is the focus of said thread.
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    No thanks i want a competitive game
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    I really like other games' scoreboards where K/D is only visible to yourself and everyone else is just by score. Stops people from trying to brag about their K/D and actually play the game. Maybe make assists and doing objective count for more points.

    So, I would say no to your idea, and to just go the opposite direction.

    IIRC multi life classes used to only grant kills and deaths when their last life was taken, so a soldier who only died 2 times every round could have an X/0 K/D which kind of misrepresents what happens. On the other hand they're squishy so it doesn't take much to end one. I like the fractional system.
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