Kensei Foggy vs Darth Colton Immortal Duel. (2020, Jedi Temple)

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This duel took place outside of the Jedi Temple where I was meditating and praying to Buddha when Darth Colton seeking fame approached me interrupting my musings. He sat nearby with apprehension, his hand on his 鎺, but my aura of calmness and inviting smile put his mind at ease. Naturally, we started discussing the Way of the Sword and our differences gradually electrified the air between us. Suddenly, after one of my insolent (witty and poignant I should say) remarks about his famous and feared Two Heavens No Mind style he leapt up in anger. Darth Colton drew the swords and beckoned to me, breathing heavily and smirking simultaneously in that odd habit of his. I rose from my feet calmly keeping eye contact and attacked. And the swords clashed igniting the space around us with the bursts of sparks. Again and again and again. The duel lasted for eight hours and it seemed that our skills are equal. However, I noticed a weakness in Darth Colton’s style and in the final lunge I managed to exploit it and cut him down with one swift stroke. The duel ended in my favour 2.5-1.5. Exhausted but satisfied I sat on the ground and meditated until dawn. Later Darth Colton’s students Sev and Sekundus attempted to avenge their fallen master, however their Kenjutsu was not good enough to match my Niten Ichi-ryū style and I decided not to include their shameful attempt to assassinate me in the video to avoid further embarrassment to Darth Colton's school of swordsmanship. Having defeated the greatest strategist and the master of the sword, Darth Colton, from here on I shall be known as Kensei (The Sword Saint) Foggy, the Invincible Under the Sun; a strategist and a philosopher.

Later that evening during my meditation one curious thought had visited my mind.

Why not share the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my eventful life, why not spread it among the others following the Way of the Sword? That moment I decided to open my Kenjutsu school where I will be teaching my unbeatable Niten Ichi-ryū style for as low as 4$ per dual. Buy dualing lessons now filthy scrub pay top dollar idiot noob or I fuck you are dad’s in prisons.


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Why you dressing like 50-years old BDSM-lover, who writing me yesterday?
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Fool... You may have taken advantage of my signature style's weakness but it won't happen again.

Think you beat me? Think again. Each time you strike me down my powers increase by two fold.

That's right my friend.

Twice as fast. Twice as strong. And twice as strategic than before.

So rest on your laurels for now because the next time our blades clash I will have perfected my
. An unstoppable move passed down to me by my former master AOD Agent Gibb while I was in the Angels Of Death. The very same move I used to destroy him after he and the rest of the Angels betrayed me...

Next time you're finished.