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Technical Issue Game Crashes - Upon joining a new server or after a couple matches.

So, until recently I hadn't been able to start the game due to an opengl32.dll file that I had to download for the base game so it could run. It was all nice and dandy, but now I am running into this issue where the game automatically crashes while loading anything. If I join a server, a couple minutes pass before the game freezes and finally crashes. Or in other occasions, the moment I join.

This is the message that I get:

Z_Malloc(): Failed to alloc 16777216 bytes (TAG_TEMP_WORKSPACE) !!!!!
Zone Tag Bytes
-------- -----
BOTLIB 7196 ( 0.00MB) in 2 blocks ( 3598 average)
GENERAL 2152 ( 0.00MB) in 269 blocks ( 8 average)
HUNK_MARK1 21110115 (20.13MB) in 28087 blocks ( 751 average)
EVENT 226584 ( 0.21MB) in 219 blocks ( 1034 average)
FILESYS 21580557 (20.58MB) in 353 blocks ( 61134 average)
AMBIENTSET 1120 ( 0.00MB) in 8 blocks ( 140 average)
SMALL 30910 ( 0.02MB) in 2262 blocks ( 13 average)
MODEL_MD3 4203113 ( 4.00MB) in 181 blocks ( 23221 average)
MODEL_GLM 20770849 (19.80MB) in 101 blocks ( 205651 average)
MODEL_GLA 13161916 (12.55MB) in 9 blocks ( 1462435 average)
SHADERTEXT 4869968 ( 4.64MB) in 1 blocks ( 4869968 average)
SND_RAWDATA 961146 ( 0.91MB) in 10 blocks ( 96114 average)
IMAGE_T 207240 ( 0.19MB) in 2355 blocks ( 88 average)
INFLATE 44400 ( 0.04MB) in 4 blocks ( 11100 average)
VM_ALLOCATED 164859 ( 0.15MB) in 5646 blocks ( 29 average)

The zone is using 87342125 bytes (83.30MB) in 39507 memory blocks
The zone peaked at 163438117 bytes (155.87MB)
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
Tutorial data info saved
(Repeat): Z_Malloc(): Failed to alloc 16777216 bytes (TAG_TEMP_WORKSPACE) !!!!!
This is the log:

JKA Movie Battles II Crash Log
Process File Name: C:\GOG Games\Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy\GameData\jamp.exe
Module File Name: jamp.exe (cgame)
Exception Code: 0xC06D007E (Unknown Exception)
Exception Address: 0x76BB4662 (jamp.exe+0x76BB4662)

Register Dump
General Purpose & Control Registers:
EAX: 0x01B23888, EBX: 0x618430BC, ECX: 0x00000001
EDX: 0x00000000, EBP: 0x01B238E4, EDI: 0x00000000
EIP: 0x76BB4662, ESI: 0x00000000, ESP: 0x01B23888

Segment Registers:
CS: 0x00000023, DS: 0x0000002B, ES: 0x0000002B
FS: 0x00000053, GS: 0x0000002B, SS: 0x0000002B

Call Stack Trace
jamp.exe [0x76BB4662]
jamp.exe [0x6181D908]
jamp.exe [0x6181D4D1]
jamp.exe [0x61789604]
jamp.exe [0x44AF47]
jamp.exe [0x41E115]
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remove any mods and/or lower your video settings or use MBII client
I have removed the only audio mod I had installed, reduced the size to 800x600, tried running with the MBII client, fixing the installation, but it seems to be still failing. It's weird given my pc has already run the game before with more mods and greater resolution without an issue in the past. But just recently this has started to bother me.