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I've been asked about doing something that's more competitive than Casual Corner but (hopefully) still has the same social feel, so I finally decided to take a swing at it! I bring you: Competitive Corner! The basic premise of Competitive Corner is simple:

Only team wins/losses matter! Players earn a skill rating (complete with leaderboards) based on winning or losing a round.

Movie Battles at its core is a team game, but in my experience I've seen that many players focus mostly on individual performance rather than the team's. So I wanted to put something together that incentivizes more of the team aspect, while still rewarding the individual with their own Rating.

Server Details (All values subject to change):
  • The server tracks wins/losses for all players and assigns an Elo skill rating.
    • Stats are only tracked if each team has at least 4 players. Since this server's mindset focuses on the team's result vs individuals, I wanted to make sure there's some seblance of a team before tracking anything. So anything less than 4v4 can be considered a warm up.
    • Wins/losses for each round, not each match.
    • All players on the winning team (minus leavers) will get credit for the win, even if they died.
  • Elo Ratings are assigned to each player.
    • Players start at Rating 1500 and go from there.
    • Uses standard Elo formulas to create ratings with a K Factor of 16. I'm utilizing an existing module for the calculations (See qwhex/multi_elo if you want a closer look).
    • There are multiple ratings for each player. One for the player as a whole (updates every round) and one for each class the player plays (updates every round, but only if the player plays that class).
    • Example of how player's ratings can change at the end of a round:
Player      W/L     Old Rating      New Rating
1.          W       1200            1212
2.          W       1100            1120
3.          L       1000            996
4.          L       1300            1272
These calculations are done twice after each round, once with everyone's Overall ratings, and then again with each player's Class Rating for that round.
  • Excessive abusive chat and toxicity is not allowed. This is similar to the social rules in Casual Corner. A more competitive environment will naturally get some people more heated, but some behavior just isn't acceptable. After all it's just a game!
  • Stats are tracked and ranked into a leaderboard.
    • Players are ranked by Elo Rating.
  • Use the !stats command to see your Current Overall Rank, Overall Wins, Overall Losses, and Overall Elo Rating.
  • Use the !leaderboard command to see the top 5 players.
    • The leaderboards will be viewable on the Discord (Will share the same Discord with CC: Join the Casual Corner - MBII Server Discord Server!), but I'd like as much information accessible in game as possible. The top 10 is on the Discord, 10 entries in game seemed like a lot on the screen at once (I recommend reading in the console).
  • Both the !stats and !leaderboard commands can also take the <class> parameter, to see stats/leaderboards for specific classes. Examples:
    • "!stats clone" will show you your overall stats as a Clone Trooper.
    • "!leaderboard sith" will show the top 5 Sith.
"imperial soldier" or just "imperial" or "imp"
"rebel soldier" or just "rebel" or "reb"
"elite trooper" or just "elite"
"bounty hunter" or just "bh"
"super battle droid" or just "sbd" or "super" or "battle"
"wookiee" or just "wook"
"droideka" or just "deka"
"clone trooper" or just "clone"
"mandalorian" or just "mando"
"arc trooper" or just "arc"
  • Switching to spectator or disconnecting (even if reconnecting shortly thereafter) mid round counts as a loss, even if your team still manages to win.
    • This has been a reason against leaderboards in the past due to some player's exploiting this behavior (mostly related related to players dodging deaths, but I feel it can apply here as well). Will have to see how much of an issue this is and increase the penalty, if needed, for repeat offenders.
    • Only applies to players who were alive at the time. If you already died, you will not be penalized.
  • Map rotation only, no RTV.
    • There is a !votenextmap command to move on to the next map in the rotation.
    • First team to 5 wins to move onto next map.
    • Minimum # of players (See map list below) indicates maps that are automatically skipped if there are currently not enough players on the server to meet the minimum.
                    # of Players 
Curr Map           at End of Round     Next Map
mb2_ps_korriban           1            mb2_alderaan (Skipping many 16 player minimum maps)
mb2_alderaan              8            mb2_theed (Skipping mb2_tradefed)
mb2_theed                 8            mb2_kamino (Skipping mb2_dotf & mb2_coruscant_chase)
mb2_kamino               24            mb2_cmp_arena (No skip)
mb2_cmp_arena            24            mb2_cmp_geocanyons (No skip)
mb2_cmp_geocanyons       24            mb2_boc (No skip)
mb2_boc                  24            mb2_rc_hangarC (No skip)
mb2_rc_hangarC            6            mb2_mygeeto (Skipping mb2_jeditemple)

The server checks how many players there are at the end of the round, and sets next map accordingly, if the next map in the rotation needs more players. It's pretty seemless to the player (only thing I've seen is when the next map starts to load, sometimes you'll see the 16 player map loading screen for a second, then it switches to the one that'll actually be played).
    • I still want there to be a variety of maps played, but will trim some out (or possibly add others) if the map is too unbalanced at this level of play.
mb2_enclave (No minimum players)
mb2_ps_korriban (16 players minimum)
mb2_korriban (16 players minimum)
mb2_republiccruiser (16 players minimum)
mb2_dxun (16 players minimum)
mb2_corellia (8 players minimum)
mb2_alderaan (No minimum players)
mb2_tradefed (16 players minimum)
mb2_theed (No minimum players)
mb2_dotf (16 players minimum)
mb2_coruscant_chase (16 players minimum)
mb2_kamino (8 players minimum)
mb2_cmp_arena (No minimum players)
mb2_cmp_geocanyons (8 players minimum)
mb2_boc (16 players minimum)
mb2_rc_hangarC (No minimum players)
mb2_jeditemple (8 players minimum)
mb2_mygeeto (No minimum players)
mb2_mustafar (No minimum players)
mb2_tatooine (8 players minimum)
mb2_lunarbase (8 players minimum)
mb2_scarif (No minimum players)
mb2_citadel (8 players minimum)
mb2_tantiveIV (16 players minimum)
mb2_deathstar (8 players minimum)
mb2_echobase (8 players minimum)
mb2_smuggler (No minimum players)
mb2_cloudcity (16 players minimum)
mb2_SDestroyer (16 players minimum)
mb2_jabba (No minimum players)
uM_SarlaccBarge (No minimum players)
mb2_cmp_endor (8 players minimum)
mb2_commtower (8 players minimum)
MB2_yavinassault (16 players minimum)
mb2_ps_desert (16 players minimum)
mb2_jakku (No minimum players)
mb2_eravana (16 players minimum)
mb2_starkiller_base (16 players minimum)
mb2_duel_starkiller_base (No minimum players)
As mentioned above, pretty much everything is subject to change depending on how it goes. I feel like this should be a good starting point though. I'm open to ideas, suggestions, and feedback so you're welcome to leave that here or on the Discord!

Potential future ideas if this gains traction or I just get bored:
  • Another server that only allows the top X% of players from this server for an additional level of competitiveness.
  • Smaller map rotation pools (maybe 5-ish maps?), but have those map pools change week to week.
  • Periodic leaderboard resets.
  • Clan Leaderboards - Can track stats based on the player's clan tag and aggregate them into a leaderboard.
  • Clan Events - In addition to leaderboards, can have certain days/weekends where only clans can compete. Maybe similar to the teams idea below.
  • Ability to setup and track teams. This is probably an idea for a different (smaller?) server. Use in game commands to setup a team (maybe 4 - 8 players?) where you play against other teams and are rated based on win/loss instead of kills. Up to 32 players can be on the server, but only 2 teams will be allowed to play at once. So if there are multiple teams on the server, they'll take turns rotating in each round.
The server is live now, so I hope you guys give it a shot and have fun!

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Really cool idea

I think the only potential issue I see is with the map rotation and how many people are needed minimum, for example if there's a consistent 10 people on the server then everyone would have to vote next map since you have a lot of 16 minimum maps on there in a row. I guess it's more of an annoyance then an issue.
If I'm understanding right, that shouldn't be an issue. The server checks how many players there are at the end of the round, and sets next map accordingly, if the next map in the rotation needs more players. It's pretty seemless to the player (only thing I've seen is when the next map starts to load, sometimes you'll see the 16 player map loading screen for a second, then it switches to the one that'll actually be played).

So if there are only 10 players on, they won't even see the 16 player minimum maps. The server will automatically skip to the next map that works for that number of players. So no need to manually vote to skip a map. If the number of players drops below 16 on that map, the server doesn't do anything until the next map. That's when players could decide to !votenextmap if they decide it's too big.

Sorry that wasn't more clear before!

Edit: Added an example to the main post for more clarity.
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Movie Battles II Team
Very nice I look forward to playing on here! The leader board changes sounds very interesting and hopefully will draw in the boasting crowds XD