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Class limits in Open mode - yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liniyka_xddd, Mar 11, 2017.


Do you think class limits can improve Open mode?

  1. Yay

  2. Nay

  1. Vizino


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    I'd say no cause like i see things like having a class limit is like a whole another style and takes a way from the fun spam or even different type of tactics like 2 jedi with a clone to each with a wook in one group or something but thats just my view I would see it as really restrictive to have like everything like that, so much arguments and cant really say class steals but class hogging some one takes a good class and kills there self to troll or simply dosn't use the class in battle like the trolls would do if it was implemented :D
  2. Taimurodo


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    You know, before I was still with the nay on this, mostly because the one thing I liked about MBII is that I can get on, choose a class, and have the fun I wanted to have. But for some reason, class hogging and trolling like you described never occurred to me, so now I even more into the nay. Although I understand the need to have class limits for a team based game, but while this may be self-biased, and perhaps a bit selfish, but MBII has always been a laid back game for me, just join a server, hop on, and choose your class, and go do your thing. A nice little thing to just relax and have the fun you want, but if that class is taken, and it's really the only class you have fun with, then what? You'll be stuck with playing a class you don't like or don't want to play as, then you won't have fun. Again, a bit selfish, and I could just learn to play another class, but hey, if I don't have fun, or I am forced to play something I don't want?

    Well really, I could go on about this, but my point is, one of the things I liked about MBII is simply the absurd and hilarious things that came with with it, one being class spam, now while it may not always be fun to have around, you can't deny some cool things came from it, as well as the opportunity it can present (Yes yes, class spam trolling [What I am mostly pointing to is just playing the game how you want]). But however, like Vizino said, this could also bring up the ability to troll whole teams, by spawning in as a much needed class, killing yourself and thus, you screw your entire team, some would say an admin will deal with it, but admins aren't always on, and we still deal with stupid shit anyways that can ruin the game for us, and now we would have to deal with this. As per usual, I can adapt to the new system, as I always done, but, this might end up keeping me somewhat away from MBII, because if I hop on and see my preferred class taken, I might not have the motivation to choose another class and play as that, until my preferred class becomes available. while most of this is all personal bias, but, I can't help but think now about the new trolling opportunities that lie with this that can ruin an entire team's experience.

    I still wouldn't mind a yay's opinion on the matter though.
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  3. Vizino


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    Indeed, another Nay imo would be if your class that your good at like you said or the one you want is taken an causes you to player another class is the simple fact that you may lack the skill for it, and ive always sen class limits as a Competitive style playing so if they need a good arc to do objective X and they dont know how to do movement Y and so on its gonna be a raging disaster and kinda puts people at like an SOL ending
  4. TadekRaeod


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    I say "nay",even though the class limits server is fun.Why just not keep the function in the servers,or like Puppytine suggested:
    (also,Open mode would not be "open" mode,now would it? xd )
  5. BigBossBigTeef


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    I am pretty sure they were never planning to hard code it into the game.
    And if they did servers can just set a variable for class limits.

    Like I said, the active NA servers will never use this unless people finally start playing officials.
    So its kinda pointless for people like me, its more of like a carrot on a stick.
  6. Manyo


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    Yay, i prefer more organized play and since i like all classes i don't mind bad players blocking the more prefered classes.
    But at the same time the full choice classic open mode should still be in some form available for people who enjoy that more. So basically have class limit as the default choice but give admins the option to remove it. If the class limit isn't too restricting i wouldn't worry about splitting the userbase.

    I think a class limit of no more than ~30% of the population for all classes (except deka and maybe wookie) - (soldiers could have more) would be the best compromise of organized play and freedom of choice.
    It most certainly shouldn't have 3.0 vs 1.5 sniper classes as DaloLorn pointed out (tho that is partly a problem due to the (too) strong manda sniper rifle), and a fine balance between Sbd/Deka and Clone/Arc has to be taken care of.

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