Alt's MB2 Manifesto

Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by {Δ} Achilles, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Actually, I meant walking to make your weapons more accurate, which kina makes you more predictable.
    That doesn't apply to close ranges that much, but still.
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    I agree with most of what Stassin has said, although I don't agree with the current projectile speeds. I need to see what they look like sped up to actual movie speeds, then perhaps movement speed changes wouldn't be necessary at all.

    Bottom line for people still missing the point: I'm looking for consistency in MB2 gunning.
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    Now this I can agree with
  4. Hexodious

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    I like quite a few of these points, and props for the effort put into it. Overall I do like the following ideas and would love to see them at least tried one day:

    - Higher Damage, Higher Velocity, Lower Clip, Lower Rof, Longer Reloads in general (2-4 hit kills on most guns, not including armour).
    - Secondary Nade removal (at a minimum the knockdown component), and your grenade discussion in general.

    Regenerating health wouldn't work with our current damage as its too ''chippy'' at times with prolonged corner shooting. But with higher damages and less focus on large clips and rates of fire corner shooting wouldn't be as much of an issue, so would be worth trying it out as well. The idea of being able to come into a fight and not die to the first shot that hit you is nice, and makes you less afraid of attacking.

    I've always had an issue with armour just being HP+ bonus hp with some added damage resistance, location mods. If guns were altered as described in the #19 I'd split it into, Light armour (Armour 2) for 1 free hit and Heavy armour (Armour 3) for 2 free hits, limiting Rank 3 to the heavier classes like ARC and Mandalorian.

    I can understand reasoning for wanting to keep it as it is now, its safe. It was very much the same when the velocity was increased across the board, which is one of the best changes the game had to help improve the feel of blasters.

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