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    I'm not creating this thread necessarily to have another discussion (feel free to do so here - i had enough the last time) or another vote, i'm creating this thread to vent and clear my mind.

    I recently tried out B17/B16 and it hit me how much i miss slow projectile speeds in MB2's gunplay
    (i knew i missed it, but i thought it was partly due to nostalgia).
    You instantly feel the weight of the bullets flying through the space - this is the glory of Star Wars. And i remembered why most of my time with MB2 i played Soldier/ET as my main.
    I can see why it was increased in the first place, because on long ranges it does feel jarring. But all it needed was a slight increase.

    Then i hopped back into the current build and shots on all ranges except long range instantly hit the wall (tiny delay, which doesn't matter) - no weight at all to the shots. You don't need to watch your movement anymore, since it won't matter - it's all about aiming now. It's like a twitch shooter that went wrong somewhere. The gunplay certainly feels like a Star Wars mod for a shooter engine that was never meant to have moving projectiles but tried anyway.
    I think i even would be in support of going all the way to instant hits rather than keeping it how it is now.

    I understand now why all i do when i pick up the game is play sniper, clone (blobs) or saberist.

    In the last discussion thread i criticised how much the projectile speed increase will effect the balance of the game. All i heard was balance can be fixed later, though most chose to just ignore that point completely.
    I don't want to get back deep into it but to me the balance of the game overall is in it's worst state since i can remember. Since the last increase there haven't been any (even tiny) fixes at all. There isn't even any discussion on the topic.

    It baffles my mind how much support the last projectile speed increase got. It pains me that this mod robbed itself of one of it's core strengths to become a bad version of any other freaking shooter on the market. Do you guys really enjoy the gunplay in its current state? Are you still playing classes other than sniper/saberist as your main? Are you even here anymore?

    To end on a good note: it amazed me how much was added since B17. Devs did a great job adding so many models, maps, guns/abilities since then. Would be great if most server admins would force a huge map rotation (only allow voting for maps that weren't played since the last 5-10 maps) to respect all those efforts.
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    I can kind of agree. The old speeds made for more strategic gameplay and manual dodging was more of a skill especially at long ranges. I can't really remember because it's been so long, but the greatest time I ever had as a gunner in mb2 was in b18 where you had contact nades that also exploded on corpses + the old speeds. This was so fun and strategic. You'd use cover more and make sure to disintegrate the corpses lest you get contact naded on them. You would slowly advance and hold positions and manual dodge more, and there was the potential for many cool plays with air blobs on mandos and air nades on mandos etc. I miss those times.

    I think it says something about the current game vs past, that we don't see those clan tournaments any more. Remember when we played all the 'forgotten' maps in competitive 5v5 FOR MONEY? Sure, it was just 50 bucks, but there were tp and dV[8] DG and CE7 and templar and so many more, all 5v5 competitive. So much fun. Maybe current proj speeds have contributed to the death of this aspect of MBII? I don't know, but I sure do miss those times... and contact nades were so fun. I think they should be re-added and then balanced. Maybe make them a seperate nade if there's a ui slot available and use the old droid nade model that looks like german ww2 nades for the contact based ones.

    Maybe the old versions were less balanced and had more bugs, but they were fun. Many funs. Nowadays, there are less funs and it's a shame.
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    So much yes. I had a feeling projectile speeds were way slower in b17 but I wasn't sure if it was nostalgia glasses. Glad it wasn't.

    It's not fun to play the game as much anymore. I'm really trying to enjoy the game(and I call it a game and not a mod because of how much work and coding has gone into this over the last many years) but it's sure a struggle. I don't even bother playing arc trooper anymore, and why would I? When there's a team of mandalorians and bounty hunters opposite you and you get one shotted the minute you even peek for a second, it gets a little ridiculous.

    I'm not sure where this vocal minority I keep hearing about is, the ones who keep arguing for faster projectile speeds, more (unneccessarily) complex sabering systems, but I feel it's going to kill this game faster than age ever did.

    Remember when you could crouch and avoid a projectile in time? Pepperidge farm remembers.
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