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3p cam orientation abuse.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by avnas, Feb 20, 2017.

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  1. lessen

    lessen Internal Beta Team

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    yes, that's both at 1. That's maximum damping. Completely damped. One of the definitions of damp is "control or restrain." Completely controlled.

    Moreover if you just set both to the same value (like both at 0.6), then strafing left and right won't move the crosshair off-center.
  2. Crusade010


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    Whats with all these new guys trying to significantly change the game? Did you actually play jedi academy? Also try playing jedi/sith in 1st person
  3. Gargos

    Gargos EU Official Server Admin

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    >be me
    >play dis game almost 11 years or smth
    >3rd person all the way
    >everything is fine and fun, no serious problems with the game
    >why the hell otherwise I would even play this game if the system had been fundamentally flawed for the entire last decade
    >wild forum post appears
    <hey guys, lets remove 3rd person :---D
    >3rd person removed
    >the whole nature of the game changed, the things I've been used to are gone
    >the backbone of mb2, the old playerbase, fades when their favorite game ceases to be what they loved
    >but geez, at least the removal of 3rd person brought stealthness, justice and empty servers to my new (dead) empire :--D regards original poster

    The short version: do not fix what aint broken.
  4. Una-Rogg


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    I'm surprised the amount of people here who think third person advantages are perfectly fine. The argument can definitely be made that fixing the issue of third person camera abuse to gain knowledge and aim almost as though you have wall hacks would either be too hard to do and/or not work properly. Completely taking out third person camera isn't really an option.

    But, people are saying third person peeking is a skill. That because everyone can do it, there is no issue. The ridiculous post saying you need third person because when it is 1 vs many you need that advantage to stand a chance (lol). It has been this way for so long, so changing it is dumb. That the third person camera was intended to give you this advantage. I find it hard to take these sort of people serious.

    If you think third person doesn't give you a huge advantage, try playing the game in third person without actually using the camera to peek corners. It will be hard to do because of how long you've been exploiting it. But honestly try it... That extra second it will take you to see what is out there while not behind cover, aim where the newly discovered person is, and fire is pretty huge while they are also able to return fire on you. When you third person peek, you are gaining all the advantages of exposing yourself to return fire or giving your position away without actually taking any of that risk.

    The short version: It may be not worth the dev time to fix, too hard to fix properly, or even impossible. I agree that removing third person isn't an option. But at least stop pretending that this is a great indented feature of third person rather than an unfortunately consequence that a disembodied camera brings... or that it doesn't give a huge advantage to the person doing it (and that in most situations, only one side benefits from it at a time, giving one person the advantage).
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  5. lessen

    lessen Internal Beta Team

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    It's an initial feature that the rest of the game is designed in context of, so it's not inherently an issue. Nyeh >: p
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  6. Damn Polak

    Damn Polak

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    nice meme
  7. NERO


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    Maybe. But if you play this game and don't approach every corner with the thought that there's probably someone peeking at you from there right now, you've earned the pleasure of getting fucked by a surprise gunfire in your face the moment you walk around a corner.
    That's also part of the skill and tactics of this game: figuring out where an enemy could be, not only confirming where they really are.
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  8. Fang

    Fang Contributor Internal Beta Team

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    Removing third person to buff sense abuse hell yeah. I would uninstall
  9. LoU

    LoU Space Janitor R2D2 Movie Battles II Team Retired

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    It ain't gonna happen. With my last wish before I go, I'm gonna lock this thread.
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