1.4.6 Official Feedback Thread


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Succinct gunpinions:

1. Make dodge an automatically-triggered thing that just lets you dodge a single shot of any kind, and regenerates after a couple seconds. This makes it a nice extra buffer at the start of any encounter without being Totally Bullshit Immortality. Maybe let Heroes save up two "charges" instead of one.

2. Make concussion blobs require a (brief) pre-charge to fire, with audiovisual cues to warn your enemies that you're charging a ranged-knockdown. This makes concblobs harder to land and require more time investment to use in the first place.

3. Make charging a blob (Ion or Conc) slow your movespeed significantly. Clones sprinting around corners with fully charged ions are dumb.

I also feel like certain gunner classes (staminaclone) are just too hard/random to hit, so I'm interested in either faster projectile speeds (as Achilles proposes) or some larger reduction in character movespeed??? which sounds bad, so I'd prefer faster projectile speeds mostly.
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