1. Showersinging

    Technical Issue Portable projector shield texture issue

    Hi, As of somewhat recently a bug occurred for me where the textures of the portable shields from FA and Legends have gone missing. This having a blank see through side and the "non existing gray texture" for the other side, instead of the normal blue/red textures. The sounds however are...
  2. Lessen

    [Mod] Fix for Grievous's Bright Teal Lungs

    before: after: The muddy green isn't a perfect solution but I just wanted the ridiculous bright teal things to go away. Now they basically "blend in." I didn't make them metallic gray because the texture looks organic rather than metallic, so I supposed it should stay an organic-ish color...
  3. Filthma

    Technical Issue Broken textures and completely white screen

    Hi all, I recently reinstalled Movie Battles II and launched it to find that several textures were broken. For example the cursor was that grey square JKA seems to use when a texture is missing, alpha textures had black backgrounds instead of being transparent (like the hover graphic in the...
  4. Scott The Scout

    Modifying Hero Kyle?

    Sorry for clogging up the forums with more useless bullshit but, does anyone know where the model and textures for the hero version of kyle is stored? I could find the jedi version very easily but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what folder the hero version is contained in.
  5. Scott The Scout

    HD Rosh Addon

    Throughout MBII, and hell even base JKA there's always been HD models or retextures, such as an HD Kyle, an HD Luke [that actually makes the face look like fucking mark hamil] and even an HD stormtrooper, but nobody ever gave Rosh the greatest jedi any love. Until today. This my friends, is the...
  6. »vi¶er«

    Gtkradiant textures load fail

    Hi there, I m interessted in mapping. Thats why I installed Gtkradiant. I already designed my first room. While compiling the log says "texture load failed". I do not understand why the textures can not be found because I can open my Gamedata/base folder where the folder "textures" is including...