1. Encritary

    RoguePack v1.2 - /Accurate update!/

    ROGUEPACK v1.2 Works on JAMP! WARNING! This pack is addon for Penekepack. Please install it before installing my pack. Penekepack: Penekepack V1.6.2 Replacement mod // The imperial Heroes update // DOWNLOAD: PRESS HERE!
  2. Tompa9

    Tompa´s Replacement pack V1.4.6 + Saber hilts (release 15.8. 2016)

    Hello there, after a long period od time without MB2 i started to play again and I tried to find some nice models for replacement. There are still some good modders (JKHub community) who are doing a great job and updating best SW game in the world for us:) ... and so I used some things from...