Tompa´s Replacement pack V1.4.6 + Saber hilts (release 15.8. 2016)

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Hello there,

after a long period od time without MB2 i started to play again and I tried to find some nice models for replacement. There are still some good modders (JKHub community) who are doing a great job and updating best SW game in the world for us:) ... and so I used some things from them and packed it to the replacement pack! I strongly recommend developers to look on that and use skins from there!

I haven´t made any of these models, all credit goes to authors posted below!

Put the files to your Gamedata/MB2 folder and enjoy!




Link: MEGA

4Lom = Cad Bane (Hirman, Seven)
Anakin EP3 default and robed = reskin face/hair (Vitez, Tompa9)
Barris Offee = Starkiller General (Darth Phae, Dark_Apprentice)
Bespin Cop = Sullustan Commando (Jeff)
Bossk RGB = reskin (Kualan)
Coleman Trebor = Rey of Jakku (Scerendo)
Commander Keller = brown jedi robe (Peneke Team)
Daala = Captain Phasma (Kualan)
Darth Maul = face reskin (DT85, Tompa9)
Dash Rendar = Hera Syndulla (Jeff)
Devaronian = Chiss (Jedi Outcast)
Durge = Hondo Ohnaka (Jeff)
Female Rebel = Kota Militia Soldier (Jeff)
Grievous = Darth Nihilus (DarthStiv)
Han EPIV = Atton Rand (Kotor Pack)
Han EPV = Leia EPV (MB2)
IG88 = reskin (Kualan)
Jedi Female = Echuu Shen-Jon, Darth Kruhl (Spanki)
Jedi_HM = Jaden Black, Jaden Blonde, Hoth Jaden Rebel
Jerec = reskin (Darth Phae)
Kreia, Traya = Reskins, without one hand
Kit Fisto = EPIII Kit Fisto (Śălvoö)
Kyle Katarn = reskin (Rooxon)
Leia EPIV = 2x Leia EPVI (MB2)
Leia EPV = Han EPIV and EPV (MB2)
Leia Endor = Morgan Katarn (Jedi Academy)
Leia Slave = Bail Organa (Kualan)
Lobot = Sabine Wren (Jeff)
Luke EPIV = Luke EPIV ceremonial (Jeff)
Luke EPV = Luke TFA robed (DT85)
Luke EPVI robed = Luke EPVI hooded (Toshi)
Luke EPVI tunic = Luke EPVI default (Toshi)
Luke TFA = Bao-Dur, Dorak, Vrook (Vitez)
Luminara = Bastila Shan (DarthStiv)
Mace Windu = Mara Jade (DT85)
Malak = Darth Revan, Revan Reborn (RevanKnight)
Mandalorians = 3 reskins (Laam)
Mara Jade = Mace Windu Default/Robed (Spanki)
Mara Hero = Reskin, ponytail (DarthStiv)
Mercenary = Twin Suns (DarthStiv)
Mercenary Kyle = Dark Forces skin (Tim Eggena)
Naboo Guard = Jar Jar Binks (Major Clod)
Naboo Soldier = Juno Eclipse (Jeff)
Obi-Wan EPI = reskin (Savatron)
Obi-Wan EPII default = General Kenobi CW (Jeff)
Obi-Wan EPIII hooded = robed
Obi-Wan EPIV default = robed
Old Republic Soldier = different head (MB2)
Ongree = Galen Marek Jedi Adventure Robe (RevanKnight)
Panaka = Old Republic Trooper (Vitez)
Plo Koon = Plo Koon Clone Wars (Kualan)
Prisoner = Rebel Specmarine (Lt.Claim)
Queen Amidala = Amidala Clone Wars (Jeff)
Qui-Gon Jinn = reskin (Seven, Kualan)
Quinlan Vos = Quinlan Vos Clone Wars (Scerendo)
RAB 24 = HK 47 (DarthStiv)
Reborn Acrobat = Reborn default (Jedi Outcast)
Reborn2 = Darth Sion (DarthStiv)
Reborn New = The Inquisitor (Kualan)
Revan = Malak (MB2)
Rosh Penin = reskin (Rooxon)
Sabe = Carth Onasi (DarthStiv)
Saesee Tiin = reskin (Śălvoö)
Serra Keto = Satele Shan (Jeff)
Shaak Ti = Shaak Ti reskin (Kualan)
Sith Stalker = Lord Stalker (Duvaithor)
Snowtrooper = Galak Fyyar (Jedi Outcast)
Storm pilot = Snowtrooper (Lt.Claim)
Stormtrooper and Elite trooper reskins by Lt.Claim (Shocktrooper, Terrortrooper...)
Swamptrooper = Imperial Gunner (Barricade24)
Tyriasarkin = Rodian Rebel RGB (Jedi Academy)
Visas = Rahm Kota (Gu_tucci/Seven/ Peneke Team) and head port = Peneke Tesla
Zabrak Soldier = Twilek Rebel (Kualan)
Zuckuss = Embo (Kualan)

Link: MEGA
Avenger = Bastila Shan Staff (Kotor Pack)
Quinlan Vos = KotoR Lightsaber (Rooxon)
Aayla Secura = Oevvaor (wooden hilt)
Kylo Ren = Kylo Ren (DarthMartyr)
Luke EPIV = Darth Malgus (Psyk0Sith)
Ki-Adi-Mundi = Mara Jade (Omega1)
base Skywalker = Darth Revan TOR (Rooxon)
base Stinger = Stinger reskin (Rooxon)
base Katarn = Katarn´s Outcast (Rooxon)
Vindicator = Satele Shan Staff (Jose Carlos)
Windu EPI = Kanan Jarrus (Rooxon)
Yun = Darth Nihilus (AshuraDX)
Praetor = Starkiller (AshuraDX)
Kit Fisto = Turanis (AshuraDX)
Champion = Temple Guard Pike (Rooxon)
Adjudicator = Rahm Kota (HOUOU)

+ new menu music, Kylo Ren´s saber authentic sounds
+ improved saber sounds by TableWax
+ many updated character soundpacks (Bobba Fett, Darth Maul, Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Saesse Tiin and more)
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Often if you see a really sweet skin that hasn't been added, it's because of copyright and author's permission and stuff like that along with technical details. I'll give it a DL and check it out. I like the sound of it, and you can never go wrong with Darth Sion ^^


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Those 3 Mandalorian skins were actually default MB2 skins back in B15 and I think Chairwalker made them.
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This is very nice, I would add sounds to Kylo as soon as possible I agree. I would also search for the rey model.
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Mods/Devs need to pick these models off like scrappings and make new ones. Not hard. We just want something like this in the update.
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you could maybe add this whether the hapslash normal one or the animated one
Sorry but I dont think I will add this CW model. Anakin is already ingame and I only add or reskin models which are in wrong quality or arent ingame. Also all Anakin skins even that from EP2 are using same model.glm, so if I replace one, I must replace all 4. I will try that only if it is using the same model but I think in MB it is Toshis one. But I could make you your private replacement if you wish. :)
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Got this looking for Nihilus. I really like the changes you've made here and feel comfortable with pretty much all of the replacements. Thanks for this.
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