1. Noob

    Noob Pack V1.4.2

    DOWNLOAD HERE Hello, and welcome to my overhaul mod pack. You will find brand new skins and models, made by the community and myself, along with a soundpack that replaces most of the weapon sounds to be more authentic + higher quality. To Install: Drag and drop the .pk3 file into your...
  2. R

    RE3P Lightsaber Soundpack V2.0 (Complete)

    Download here: RE3P's Lightsaber Sound Pack V2.0 Lightsaber sounds from various sources converted for MBII there are other sabers that have these extra sounds but the video would be too long otherwise so here, i just showcased the sounds themselves on 1 saber each. This video is of a older...
  3. Remalus

    Remalus's Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack

    Hey Everyone! Well, here I am with my first non-clan-exclusive mod release! Dark Forces 2 Model Replacement Pack*, or DF2 pack, is a model pack that replaces many MB2 models with models from Dark Forces 2. Here's what v0.4.0 has to offer: -Replaced Kyle with a more DF2 accurate Kyle -Replaced...
  4. Encritary

    RoguePack v1.2 - /Accurate update!/

    ROGUEPACK v1.2 Works on JAMP! WARNING! This pack is addon for Penekepack. Please install it before installing my pack. Penekepack: Penekepack V1.6.2 Replacement mod // The imperial Heroes update // DOWNLOAD: PRESS HERE!