1. DarthValeria

    REVAN: The Series (Made by Kevin Smets)

  2. DarthValeria

    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    I'm sure some of you already seen my machinimas, However i decided to gather all of my machinimas , my blender works and my map projects here Enjoy ^_^
  3. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Spark of Hope - First Look [HD] [Jedi Academy Machinima]

  4. DarthValeria

    If anyone loves A CLONE APART Machinima, I'm sure you'll find this interesting ^_^

  5. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Changing Of The Guard Trailer - Jedi Academy Machinima

    Soon it will be released
  6. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Darth Maul & Savage Oppress vs Darth Sidious - Jedi Academy Machinima

  7. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Order 66 - A Jedi Academy Machinima

    Greetings folks i am Darth Valeria I do Jedi Academy machinimas and i want to share all things i did here I need comments for my machinimas , you can criticize my movies in any way as long as they arent insults , being racist or hope breaking Enjoy
  8. O

    Lightsaber sounds

    It would be nice to have movie accurate lightsaber sounds in the game. For example: With this video (around 0:35 seconds), we can clearly hear that Luke's ROTJ lightsaber ignition sound is not the one that is in the game. In fact, we do have this sound effect in the game, but only in the "Sith...
  9. Sammy

    MovieBattles Movie Guild

    Hi, I've decided to make an unofficial MovieBattles Movie Guild. Through this guild, I plan to make videos of MovieBattles gameplay, and maybe some movie scenes translated to the game. DISCORD: Discord So, in order to do this more people will be needed. I will be looking for the following...
  10. Nukleus

    Special Attacks / Combo List

    Can someone collect and explain all the special moves from movie battles 2? Like super push, advenced melee combos. -------------------------- The galaxy will be ours.
  11. Nukleus

    Hosting Server /forcetoggle

    Hi there, I have a simple question: Im usually hosting a server, named Vrag Ubit. I want turn off forcepowers, but forcetoggle doesn't works on duel mod, (other mod I didn't try), is it possible somehow?
  12. Skatino

    [SOLVED] (Jesus stance bug) All characters sits ands have their arms stuck on "T".

    (Movie Battle 2 Problem) You can see on the screen that my character is stuck on T and the other stormtrooper on right is sit. Last week i didn't have this problem. I run on steam JA, load the mod like said on readme and the problem appears. I have a decent computer and i don't know why this...
  13. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#03] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#03] Hello everyone! Here's another part of my Movie Battles II montages. This part is actually shorter than the last one, but it's in 60 FPS (wow), so your eyes shouldn't hurt this time. Enjoy! = )