model pack

  1. Dank Revan

    A mod that adds Faces of Revan or the Exile from Kotor 1 And 2?

    hello I've been looking for a kotor mod pack that adds the faces of revan and the exile. i want to know if there are any popular mod packs that might add these.
  2. Landolore

    Landolore's Modpack 1.6 This modpack adds a bunch of different Star Wars models to each unit besides Droideka. I will be building off of it and adding more as time progresses. Credits are in the .txt file in the pack. If you notice any bugs...
  3. DarthValeria

    Blender problem for Jedi Academy

    Hello guys, I'm Darth Valeria and I hope you're doing alright <3 I need help for the problem i cant solve And english is not perfect so sorry for grammar errors I'm trying to convert SWTOR models into Jedi Academy by using blender I adjusted model to the skeleton , i did weight paints as 95% So...
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix's Model Replacements [INACTIVE]

    DISCLAIMER: I did not create the models/textures of any of these replacements, all I did was make them "MBII compatible." I figured spamming the forums with model replacements one by one wasn't really effective, so instead I've decided to post them here. While most of these models will be...