1. Green Penta

    OOF Deathsounds modified

    This soundpack replaces every deathsound from Movie Battles with the OOF death sound from Roblox! This is what I modified in the original soundpack: -Removed OOF sound on hit -Removed desorted, modified OOF sounds Download Modified OOF soundpack (Dropbox) View Original OOF soundpack (credit...
  2. WandererVal

    "It's treason, then"

    I ended up recreating Palpatine vs Mace Windu with some friends, decided to share it here!
  3. Liniyka_xddd

    Lini's meme montages

    Hello my dear MB2 community, it's me, Lini. Yesterday I discovered that my GPU drivers also automatically record in-game MB2 footage, so I went ahead and saved a few interesting moments. After thinking about how to use them, I decided to try and make a montage. I've never done any video editing...
  4. swagmaster

    Memeplacement thread

    this thraed is for meme repkacement packs i make so back off hater!11!! Shrek is Dreck: Master the power of 2001 meme with this Shrek replacement for wookiee, Rage loop replaced with all-star, Rage startup replaced with Screech z_zz_Shrekislove.pk3 alomst forgot credits: Shrek: Salvoo
  5. TheGamingDeadTV

    [Video] MBII Memes Episode II: Attack of the Memes

    Here's a lil something I've been cooking up for the past few days. It's my second "edited" video so it's a polished turd. Inspired by Sylvar- Sylvar Gargos- Gargosfragvideos Vongs- Vongs Yuzzan Inspiration only gets you so far though. Oh and if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please...