jedi academy

  1. SMmania123

    My first MB2 Stream! Going for as long as possible!

    It's a multi-stream so you can watch it on Twitch or YouTube! YouTube: Twitch: PS: There is an upcoming MB2 Episode coming soon that will be coinciding with other new channel stuff!
  2. DarthValeria

    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    I'm sure some of you already seen my machinimas, However i decided to gather all of my machinimas , my blender works and my map projects here Enjoy ^_^
  3. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Spark of Hope - First Look [HD] [Jedi Academy Machinima]

  4. DarthValeria

    Blender Verticle Problem for Jedi Academy

    If you guys can help me in this problem It'll be very appriciated My problem is i can export it without weight problems or something else Howewer, when i ever test model in ModView , it says that a part is more than 1000 verticles but i checked out every part of the model and all of them are...
  5. DarthValeria

    RoshPenin VEVO

  6. DarthValeria

    SWTOR Model Problem

    Hey guys ^_^ I have a few problem at my exported swtor models At saber stance or normal standing , it looks normal but It has problems at running , camera moving and weapon stancing 1- She runs faster than usual 2- It has problems at aiming 3- It has this problem, when i play a...
  7. DarthValeria

    Process for "Spark of Hope" - Jedi Academy Series

  8. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: End of the CIS - Teaser

    This isnt my work ^_^
  9. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Changing of the Guard | Jedi Academy Machinima

    Based on Battlefront 2 2005 Enjoy!
  10. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

    A short scene from the Heir to the Empire book Enjoy!
  11. DarthValeria

    I am looking for a mapper

    As i mentioned it in the title , i need a mapper to prepare a YT-2000 freighter inside map like the Millenium Falcon map in the Jedi Academy (Sith-J-Cull's Falcon) Here is some pictures that can help you It'll be appriciated if you can make a map of freighter for me , it is so important for my...
  12. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Operation: Knightfall Trailer - Jedi Academy Machinima

  13. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Changing Of The Guard Trailer - Jedi Academy Machinima

    Soon it will be released
  14. DarthValeria

    Fall of Lotus: A Star Wars Story - Jedi Academy Machinima

    Since 2009, that means i was 14 years old. I have been working on a star wars side story, it tells about a force sensitive order and its alliance that has been founded during days of the old republic times I'll tell all details about the progress of years after the movie has many comments here...
  15. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Order 66 - A Jedi Academy Machinima

    Greetings folks i am Darth Valeria I do Jedi Academy machinimas and i want to share all things i did here I need comments for my machinimas , you can criticize my movies in any way as long as they arent insults , being racist or hope breaking Enjoy
  16. B

    Technical Issue Movie Battles (Mac version)

    Hi movie battles, I'm trying to download Movie Battles for the Steam version of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on my Mac laptop and have no idea where to go or how to do it. I have zero expertise in the finer workings of computers, so will need the entire procedure lined out for me, with details of...
  17. S

    Technical Issue Problem with Jedi Academy Single player, tried the solution everyone gave but doesnt work

    When i go in steam and play Jedi Academy SINGLEPLAYER, it starts Movie Battles
  18. G

    I Interviewed the Creator of Jedi Academy's Lightsaber Combat and the MB II EU Admin

    I was lucky enough to interview Mike Gummelt, the programmer responsible for the creation of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy's lightsaber combat. You can find the video here: I also interviewed the Movie Battles 2 EU Admin, SeV, to get an insight into the MB II community, you find that here...
  19. G

    I Interviewed the Creator of Jedi Academy's Combat, Now I Need to Talk w. MB2 Players. Come Chat!

    Hello there! My name's Don, I'm a journalist and YouTuber from Melbourne, Australia. Recently I spoke with Mike Chang-Gummelt, the programmer of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy's lightsaber combat system. I'm now hoping to speak with some Movie Battles 2 players who can give me an insight into...
  20. jcansler520

    Technical Issue Application load error 5:0000065434

    Application load error 5:0000065434 I'm currently trying to start MBII with my game, but I keep getting this error message, and honestly don't know what to do about it. I'm just looking for some assistance, as I've heard and seen the mod, and I really want to play around with it. I would...