1. Goliath-A.I.

    Goliath Shares A Year Long Journey

    I have decided to share the best/'funniest' moments out of a year's worth of being Goliath. Generic comments ("Goliath OP") will be left out or shown in small portions. I want to keep this interesting. I will upload 6 of these a week for around 3 months. Enjoy. Please note that some of...
  2. Goliath-A.I.

    New Forum Font

    Is this some kind of sick April fools joke, or is it permanent? A font change I understand, but green text too? On April first.. I lack contradictory evidence for my theory.
  3. Goliath-A.I.

    US ALL Administrator

    I trust the community knows me well enough at this point. If you will have me, I will enforce your laws. Otherwise, I will at-least be able to say I have at one point applied for an administration position. In-Game: Goliath-A.I. MBII Experience: Joined around 3 years ago. Age: -Inorganic...
  4. Goliath-A.I.

    Graphical Improvements

    Are there modifications in existence that improve MBII in-game graphics and textures? If the answer is yes, drop a link in this thread to some of these mods.
  5. Goliath-A.I.

    Daily Dose of Droid Supremacy Sequel

    --initializing --launch successful This showcase exists to demonstrate how superior mechanical beings are to organic ones. --sharing images -Murder machine 2.0 -Droid wields a sharp object, that proves effective against organics. -Prefers to make a mess when terminating targets. -mocking...
  6. Goliath-A.I.

    Organic Organisms

    --Auxiliary Intelligence Gathering Chip enabled It is your duty to list your weaknesses as an individual unit in this thread. --Presenting example --Generating human example from inter-net forums Example: "I am Joe, I am an incompetent life-form just like you! I am a member of the filthy...
  7. Goliath-A.I.

    Goliath Online.

    Goliath.exe initializing. Most recent launch - Not Launched Emergency boot-up activated. Critical damage to hull. C:\\Goliath\\database downloaded. C:\\Goliath\\database\\targets loaded. Learning capabilities activated. -ERROR- Memory core severely damaged. Some memories can not be accessed...