funny moments

  1. Phoenix

    MB2 Funny Moments

    So I’ve been making these videos for roughly a year now, I’m not sure as to how many people have seen them so I’ll just post them all here. I’d appreciate feedback on what to improve, and which one was your favorite. Enjoy :)
  2. Sir Crusher

    Updated Power Battles

    What is Power Battles? Power Battles is a modification of some maps with the addition of very op classes for the full authentic mode. Power Battles is very intense and frenetic, and the fun is guaranteed! "Power Battles is a modification making significant changes to the classes. It is working...
  3. Goliath-A.I.

    Goliath Shares A Year Long Journey

    I have decided to share the best/'funniest' moments out of a year's worth of being Goliath. Generic comments ("Goliath OP") will be left out or shown in small portions. I want to keep this interesting. I will upload 6 of these a week for around 3 months. Enjoy. Please note that some of...
  4. Vanin

    An Average Game of MB2

    Maybe you got like 2 Jedi that just installed the game 10 minutes ago. They are on Default. They are walking around swinging at shit, and they are having a blast. They might even be at the wrong point of the map. They might be going backwards to the Objective already captured. On the same team...
  5. W!zard

    [Videos] MBII Funny Moments Montages

    Hi there, to raise awareness of this game on YouTube I decided to start this Funny Moments series! Hope you enjoy, although the gameplay and editing isnt the greatest, it took some time for me to create :p (i would appreactiate feedback, still new to this kind of editing, thanks!) Newest one...