1. DarthValeria

    Imperial Star Destroyer - Blender Modeling

  2. DarthValeria

    KOTOR ships in Blender (Leviathan, Endar Spire, Ebon Hawk and Fighters)

    I always wanted to import those ships into Blender and thankfully I found a way. I found a page in moddb which contains those ships. Those were .max files but I converted them into .fbx format and managed to import them into blender I also used Holocron Toolset to extract ebon hawk or other...
  3. DarthValeria

    AT-DP Error in Jedi Academy

    A friend of mine gave AT-DP model from gmod so i can convert it to Jedi Academy but Whenever i attack the walker with lightsaber or weapons after its spawned It gives this error , btw i use this in KOTF 2.1 mod as it has OpenJK In blender everything seems fine as all meshes are less than...
  4. DarthValeria

    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    I'm sure some of you already seen my machinimas, However i decided to gather all of my machinimas , my blender works and my map projects here Enjoy ^_^
  5. DarthValeria

    Jedi Academy maps by using Blender

    I have been trying to learn Modelling house for a few days and I wonder that is it possible to make Jedi Academy with blender then converting it into .map format and importing it to GtkRadiant Because mapping fancy maps in Radiant is very difficult and also buggy as it crashes when i make new...
  6. DarthValeria

    Blender Verticle Problem for Jedi Academy

    If you guys can help me in this problem It'll be very appriciated My problem is i can export it without weight problems or something else Howewer, when i ever test model in ModView , it says that a part is more than 1000 verticles but i checked out every part of the model and all of them are...
  7. DarthValeria

    Timelapse of SWTOR model converting into Jedi Academy

  8. DarthValeria

    New SWTOR model i prepared in a livestream

  9. DarthValeria

    SWTOR Models in Jedi Academy (Success)

    I have been preparing a massive jedi academy machinima series for months But as you can see it requires so new skills like working at a swtor model in blender then exporting it But I'm learning , not a big problem guys , and I assure you. When this series starts , everyone will be suprised by it...
  10. DarthValeria

    SWTOR Model Problem

    Hey guys ^_^ I have a few problem at my exported swtor models At saber stance or normal standing , it looks normal but It has problems at running , camera moving and weapon stancing 1- She runs faster than usual 2- It has problems at aiming 3- It has this problem, when i play a...
  11. DarthValeria

    Process for "Spark of Hope" - Jedi Academy Series

  12. DarthValeria

    Blender problem for Jedi Academy

    Hello guys, I'm Darth Valeria and I hope you're doing alright <3 I need help for the problem i cant solve And english is not perfect so sorry for grammar errors I'm trying to convert SWTOR models into Jedi Academy by using blender I adjusted model to the skeleton , i did weight paints as 95% So...