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    Old Casual - Saber Duels - Rant

    Yellow will actually be pretty middle of the pack as far as how good it is universally. It having a really good moveset and solid stats will be its main thing. All of the styles have felt fun to play and there's better/worse matchups without some feeling vastly skewed in terms of input vs output...
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    Fix Yaws

    One of the first things that I tried to do when I became a dev was work on trying to fix collision. It got frankensteined into 1.5 when my efforts weren't entirely done and I've tried to bandaid it a bit but eventually just stopped because it was causing some issues trying to do partial fixes...
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    Fixed cryo nade class ability bug

    It should apply to that as well.
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    Fixed cryo nade class ability bug

    Just did the fix for this.
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    An SBD concussion blob ability (already exists in game)

    Poison got nerfed because it was basically zero counterplay unavoidable damage on a class that is supposed to be helping to push forward. Also kinda weird to go on about "jedi lobbyists" when saberists have been getting nerfed/put into a balanced state compared to gunners consistently for the...
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    As someone who has historically played primarily support and hero/BH in both pub play and scrims, I'll give my 2 cents for 6v6-10v10 with skilled/top level play: Yes, having a competent support generally solves the issues of grenades and rockets. However, this has these constraints either on...
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Unfortunately, I was out when the patch dropped so I couldn't address everyone's feedback as it poured in but I've been reading all of it and doing discussions where I can. I was already assuming there would be some things that may have gotten buffed too high (m5) or nerfed too hard (rockets)...
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    Mando Jetpack Assisted Quick Get Up/Melee Skill

    This concept is something that's come up on and off internally but anything radical is being relegated to closer looks at each classes specifically.
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    jedi and sith are op in open now

    Kinda weird when people say saberists are better now than with flinch when FP drains got buffed and the knockback system triggers in the exact same circumstances that flinch did while also allowing more consistency in gunners being able to deal with them (a couple more systems in place that were...
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    Game unplayable as soldier with retard tk point system

    I don't think I've ever legitimately gotten executed or otherwise for TK points so this strikes me as strange. TK points do need some adjustments though but it's low on the priority list.
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    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    Slap bypassing block wasn't intended. Fix should be out within the next day or two.
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    Flinch > barely functional knockback

    So when you couldn't prevent them from getting close because FP drains were basically non-existent? When they could swing probably 7-8 times at you while you had to hit every single shot while they were in your face to avoid death? You mean the DR that got reduced along with the FP drains that...
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    Suggestion about wookies immunity to the Force.

    Dedicated non-saber force builds haven't ever been meant to be balanced or on par with anything in particular. However, some things do need adjustment (particularly how things interact with Repulse). In the future, I want to see what can be done as far as having there be focus on saber setups...