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    increase fp drains

    As someone who plays both sides of the interactions in saber vs gunner, FP drains aren't close fine right now. The way it worked in the gunner beta was that most newer/inexperienced saberists who just kind of ran at gunners without a plan got killed really quick while the opposite who were...
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    Possible changes not really based on sabering although there'd be more interesting ways of dealing with them. Will leave it up to @Mcbober to mention anything relating to it since it was mostly his write-ups AFAIK. Not nerfs, changes, but again I'll leave it to Mcbober to expand on...
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    You're already under the misconception that the increased knockback would be in addition to flinch. The direction was going with what was tested in the gunner betas however long ago where it was replacing flinch with knockback that was normalized (e.g. it's not depending on damage for most...
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    The Sniper Dilemma

    This pretty much sums up my opinion as well, as someone who's played for over a decade and primarily swapped between Hero/BH and saberists. Sniping in MB2 is just anti-fun and forces gameplay to revolve around it when anyone who's good at it is on a team. It's probably the most commonly...
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    Moviebattles II V1.5.3 Released

    It's kind of surprising that people are actually arguing in favor of being able to do stuff like counter with Red at any single point during a combo with not a lot of effort to land the hits..
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    Mace is actually right about sabering

    Big agree. You basically described what I've been doing while testing/bug hunting with what I've been working on. I just have a Google Drive link that I upload the latest PK3s too and people update when needed. It doesn't take hours to basically re-dl 2 or 3 files. Only time consuming part is...
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    Give back White Sabers

    It's possible but currently with how things are setup with the UI, a hacky solution. Might be more cleanly feasible after all the work on the UI that's been going on, however.
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    That was one of the reasons why they did it, yes (also may have been in regards to triggering nudge but not sure about the timeline there). I specifically removed that to prevent being able to flail the mblock animations around to possibly negate damage (would need to lock mblock animation...
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    It wasn't something explicitly changed. Just observations (there's other things that are noticably crisper as well but that's just one example). I get lots of mblocks in the public build without even trying just by nature of the counter timing while that is basically a non-occurence in the beta...
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    The problem I have with MBC with the past public builds is that the timing for mblock has been super lax and that it promotes passive play (although this may have been more in part due to the damage multipliers + how ACM worked at the time, hard to tell). So much to the point that you can get...
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    Re-read my post again. Specifically where I mention how the previous times NB was tested internally or nudge was brought back in release, they were both bad iterations and how/why. This isn't the same circumstance.
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    Most of the gameplay at close range is left up to chance unless the person you're fighting is very predictable (you can't on-reaction PB 3+ different possible attacks from both sides on purpose) so unless we're going back to where you basically can only go from one side to the other and across...
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    Also would like to add that I'm fairly sure there were never any tests done with both the saber blocking and nudge in together. This was a big mistake since they are required to counter-balance each other. Saber blocking on its own is extremely annoying and can be overbearing (which is what...
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    PB System Change

    I haven't had BP regen on PB in my build at any point (except maybe the leftovers from the very first iterations which was a long time ago). The amount that was present was the same as what's in the current build (+4). PB zones also have to have overlap to avoid weird issues. It's also not...
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    Feedback/opinions on current Gunner VS Jedi gameplay?

    A lot of what you suggested below was tried in some form in the gunner open betas a ways back and most of what was done was met with positive feedback. There's been more discussions internally about what exactly we want to take/derive from that. Pretty sure this is still a thing so I'm not sure...