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    Post your first ever screenshot captured in mb2

    There's no way this is my first screenshot ever, for a variety of reasons including that I don't even use JAMP/Steam most of the time, but here's my oldest Steam Jedi Academy screenshot, from when I was messing around with extreme graphics settings in October 2016. And here's a pic from a few...
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    New Player Thoughts On Saber Combat

    I'm not much of a duelist but I want to voice my disagreement for this point because I think dueling is pretty exciting and there's only a few "statistics" that factor into it, from my understanding: You hit the enemy (without getting PB'd) to wear down their BP, to kill them. This is like...
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    based opinion

    I don't understand what's going on in this thread at all but I hesitantly approve of it all anyway.
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    Buff Flame thrower

    I have a new life mission of getting a kill on you where flamethrower usage played a significant role. (And where it wasn't just me finishing you off.)
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    Appo's Arc Feedback for [CURRENT UPDATE NUMBER HERE]

    What's your name on Discord? (Wait, dang, you were last seen several weeks ago. Are you still active?) Larger question: Were you aware that holding crouch mid-roll (even in ARC rolls) makes you immune to Push knockdowns*? I only just today bothered to test this (after suspecting it was true). I...
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    Buff Flame thrower

    It's worth noting that hitbox-wise afaik it doesn't actually fire projectiles, it just instantly inflicts damage in the entire "cone" as long as you're holding the button. So: It instantly hits even at max range. And its range isn't that bad. This is important to know for aiming it and using it...
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    inane video feat. norman

    inane video feat. norman
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    My views on this as someone who mostly plays gunner: Cyan and Blue are good at smearing Soldiers, but a bit less good against other gunner classes since if they have high armor and full health they can take 2 hits to kill. Duals seem pretty good at smearing all kinds of gunners since they're...
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    Clones are kinda the best beginner class, since they have two lives, pretty high health, and a "low-skill" gun (speaking as someone who plays Clone a lot). If you're on Imperials, roughly equivalent would be a Commander with a level 3 T-21. With T-21 you wanna use the alt-fire way more than the...
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    Force-only Jedi/Sith, aka "Force Whores" (I wish they were called "Wizards"), are sort of a "meme" class. By which I mean, the main appeal is the wackiness of them. They're not really fully "viable," but they do have some actual power to them if used right (mostly either as support using Force...
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    Technical Issue Help with spawning

    After selecting a class, you have to wait in Spectator until the start of the next round. You don't instantly spawn. It's like Counter Strike. Short rounds with limited lives, a "last man standing" kinda deal. Like Fortnite! Kinda. So mid-round joining isn't a thing. (Except in Duel mode.) That...
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    Dakorian Returns....

    ^ most interesting mb2 forum post i ever seen ngl oop this is the next page so instead of ^ i should say < most interesting mb2 forum post i ever seen ngl
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    Moviebattles II Version Patch Released

    wacky stance mate
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    Moviebattles II Version Patch Released

    I think it means, yes, if you'd thrown away one saber, attacks with the other saber could be auto-blocked by someone who was running/walking with a saber out, but not lit... I think? That's my interpretation.