Yellow DFA


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I like to assume I'm missing something here. So let me summarize first and u tell me what I get wrong:
  1. It does the most 'damage' for dfa (in reference to combined bp drain and killing power)...instant kills at least half ur bp if not more
  2. It's the second easiest dfa to land (blue is arguably first) and by far the most spammable dfa
  3. It's absolutely broken in low roofed areas, basically a free 50%+ bp drain on anything infront of u.
  4. After the initial swing and u land seemingly vulnerable...any saber attack on u that is blocked activates the bp drain ( wtf)
  5. It can be 'dodged' if there is no overhead roof and u crouch right in the center of the highest point of the dfa...this dodge zone is small
  6. It breaks any dfa that it hits (negates all dmg output)....if ur using duals or stafff this is rly noticeable, red in particular.
  7. It can be sidestepped, but u need to start moving as soon as, or before, its used
  8. You can break the camera and change where u are blocking after the dfa goes off with some 'severe' mouse movement.

Things I'm unsure of:
9. Not sure if it can be perfect blocked
10. Not sure what the output difference is between a swingblock yellow dfa and a normal yellow dfa.
11. Not sure if the damage is universal or if there is lesser damage values or way to minimize outside of just blocking vs not blocking
12. Unsure Whether it always instant kills someone who doesn't hold block.
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Let's not forget it can also be started INSTANTLY and can interrupt enemy swings and deal massive bp damage with little to no punishment for missing it.

I'd say all the first 8 points are pretty accurate.

It can't be pblocked, and the dmg is universal whether you are swingblocking or not on both parties. It should 100% of the time kill someone unless they are an SBD/Wookiee/Deka.


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The only thing I'd disagree with is that Red DFA does more BP and HP damage. Hitting the sabertip after they land will cause the BP drain, which is broken. The best way to avoid the DFA is to go melee and just run towards the place they started the DFA from, and crouch if necessary. With a saber, running forward if they start it from distance can work too. It can be parried with a regular swing, but this is SUPER risky and is not recommended since it's really unreliable. If they're not blocking, DFAs should instakill unless the DFA only hits the saber hilt, in which case it will disarm.

Most of the issues with facehug yellow DFA will be fixed in the next saber patch.


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Keep in mind that its possible to saber a yellow DFA out of the air if you practice it (I don't know how to do it as I haven't spent time on it, but I do know players who can do it). Also for people who do instant DFA's it does do a lot of damage and it does stagger, but the stagger ends before the DFA recovery period ends, so you can get a free combo out of it or your own DFA. You can also easily dodge the DFA by simply running to the right or left (cant remember which direction it was, think it was right?) and if they end up whiffing the DFA, you can actually run up to them with your saber put away and get a free backgrab on them. If you have purp, duals, or blue, you can get a free 50/50 on the backgrab where you can get a free kill. And once tempests build comes around, the purple spin attack is a pretty effective counter to YDFA as well. Another option against a whiffed YDFA is your own YDFA.

And the lasting hitbox on a whiffed YDFA is only on the tip of the saber, and it only deals damage if you cause your saber hitbox to hit theirs, so if you aim a swing so it does not get anywhere near their saber, you wont be hit by it.

Its definitely strong, and its probably the best DFA of all the styles, but in an actual duel, excluding duels in vents which is where the low ceiling comes into play (though thats the same for all DFA's), It's pretty hard to land unless you only use it after slaps (and even then you can just do a W getup or roll towards them). Instant DFA's are easier to land in a duel, but they open you up to a free combo and possibly a backgrab as well, so it comes with its own risks. IMO YDFA is only really good if you're early in the duel or have low BP and need to deal some hefty damage ONLY after a slap. Generally I'd rather go for a downstab or the normal halfswing punish.
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i love the immersion of some retard holding his saber above his head after landing a stupid yellow dfa jump and my saber just bouncing off of his unarmored body and limbs as he recovers instead of cutting him down
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Clearly the best fix is to make blue style immediately cut off three limbs every time they try it. Only if you have the high ground though.