Version 1.10 Open Beta


Version 1.10 Open Beta​

Over the course of the past year since the last update we have been showcasing a few new features starting with CTF Resupply Updates, then revealing a whole new set of abilities for the Mandalorian class, and finally a reveal of the new Rend2 renderer that we will be supporting going forward. It has taken much longer than we anticipated to deliver this update but we are now happy to announce that we have reached a state where we are ready to begin public testing. Due to the size and complexity of the next version we will be publicly testing the entire v1.10 update starting today. You may now switch your launcher to the Open Beta build, so long as the "Enable Open Beta" checkbox is active in order to download the latest Open Beta.

Before moving forward, we would like to go over some important changes, things we are looking at/for, and some known issues. You can view the changelog along side this news post here: Feedback Thread: v1.10 Open Beta - Nov. 13th 2023

Important Changes​

Earlier this year when we were working on implementing Beskar Armor for Mandalorian, we noticed incorrect output in the damage reduction system for armor. This means that for years, players with armor remaining have been receiving more damage than intended. It also means that several balance changes made for years based on observations and player feedback targeted the wrong aspects within Movie Battles. As a result, all classes with armor will now receive less damage than previous builds and some previous balance changes have been reverted, with more being looked at. While we should have found this issue sooner, it should now be fixed and we can more accurately target balance changes going into the future.

With CTF resupply introducing something we have never seen in Open Mode before there are some important things to note. Not all maps, settings, scenarios are created equal. We tried to use our best judgement as to where to place resupply nodes, and what their settings such as resupply amounts, cooldowns, team accessibility, etc. should be. Maps with resupply nodes near team flags are frequently limited to just allowing that team to resupply at those nodes and will not resupply things like fuel, grenades, rockets. Maps with resupply nodes near the center of maps for both teams to fight over will often have those additional resources available and some nodes may require more coordination to capture as some rely on capture nodes in order to become active for a short period of time. Resupply nodes will notify you if you can or cannot use them, as well as give you an inventory of things they resupply you with upon completion of a hack.

Things we are looking at​

With how large this update is, there are a lot of things we are looking at going into this Open Beta. The armor change is an obvious one that is going to impact a lot of aspects of gameplay and we will be looking at how it affects gameplay, and if we need to make any additional reversions or changes to accommodate.


  • Amban: For amban we will be looking at things like shock distance, animation stun timing, shock animation speed.
  • Beskar: Additional tweaks to damage resistance values, and possible other damage resistance additions such as melee.
  • Whistling Bird: flight speed, damage, and seeking timer adjustments.
  • EE3: Projectile speed, accuracy, burst timings, fp drain.
  • Westar Pistols: Looking at point value adjustments, further damage output adjustments.
General Balance
  • A-280/DLT-20a: We reduced their burst damage output, but with recent armor changes may need to be brought back.
  • Wookiee: Being a health only class Wookiee will not be receiving any benefits from the armor fix. However a large majority of balance changes for Wookiee in recent years are unaffected by the armor fix. Still, we will be looking at some possible additions/buffs/changes to bring Wookiee up to the task as need be.
  • CTF Resupply: We will be looking at ctf maps, their resupply node settings, etc for possible adjustments.
  • TK System: Check if latest TK changes achieve desired results, if not make further adjustments.
Maps, Models, & FA
  • A large swath of maps, models, FA, and other changes have been made in this update. Looking at any feedback here as always.
  • Citadel map updates are a bit early, and may not make final release but feel free to leave any feedback!

Known Issues​

As with every beta there are some known issues.
  • Amban is missing weapon shock effect model: We are waiting on a new feature to be able to properly support this, and it probably won't be ready before release time.
  • Amban: First person muzzle tag is backwards
  • Amban: A new animation is still needed for rolling
  • Rend2: Maps with capture node holograms have their dynamic light values massively increased. Recommend turning off Rend2 or dynamic lights for those levels if it bothers you.
  • Rend2: There appears to be a few crashes in some specific instances. Still investigating so any new information would be helpful.
  • Chat notifications: You may be notice a chat message on round end about game stats. Ignore it for now!

Be sure to remember to leave your feedback for the open beta on discord in the #Open-Beta Channel or here on the forums: Feedback Thread: v1.10 Open Beta - Nov. 13th 2023
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Great job on the update guys! This all sounds fantastic!

I always had a suspicion that the armor wasn't working as intended. I'm glad it's getting fixed.